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WinXP - Drag & Drop not working in Explorer

IceBurnerIceBurner It's cold and there are penguins.Registered User regular
I've developed a pretty odd problem under WinXP Pro SP3:

Drag and drop in Explorer, which normally moves files, has stopped working. Seems a Windows Update nuked it, but I'm not sure whch. All other Drag and Drop functions work normally; I can reposition files within the same folder, or on my desktop, and I can drag and drop to applications normally.

All I can find on Google are solutions for completely nonfunctional drag and drop, none of which help me. Multiple virus & malware scans have been negative. Any ideas about what may be causing the issue, or how to fix it?

Edit: Finally found a solution for this. I can't seem to delete this, so I guess I'll just post the solution.

"You may have to add a registry entry to re-enable this functionality. If you have to, backup the key. In regedit, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Internet Settings/Zones/4. If there isn't an entry named 180D, then create a new DWORD entry named 180D and set the value to 0."

Added that and it immediately started to work again.

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