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Looking for a blog

SaddlerSaddler Registered User regular
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I lost my bookmark to this blog, and my search skills aren't cutting it. It's a blog about free stuff on Craigslist, that highlights hilarious crap that people try to give away. It posts the ad, the picture, and makes funny comments about them.

I rememeber a lot of really nasty old hot tubs. There's also a listing for a trailer out in the middle of the woods, that the blog said would be a great place to stash dead bodies.

I'm really looking for this particular blog, but similar funny blogs about Craigslist stuff would be welcome.

Saddler on


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    It's called Item not as described ( and it appears to be down or being weird right now.

    edit: it appears to be down indefinitely

    Richard M. Nixon on
  • SaddlerSaddler Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    That's it! Thanks!

    Saddler on
  • FletcherFletcher Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    Don't Even Reply is another blog-thing that is hilarious and also based on responding to craiglist stuff

    i think maybe craigslist told him to stop mentioning their name, but it's fairly clear that he is emailing people in response to ads on there

    Fletcher on
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