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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "Mêlée Fortress 2", by Ginger Mijango

Baroque And RollBaroque And Roll Registered User regular
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Oh my god this is great.
Post: Mêlée Fortress 2
Forum: Social Entropy++
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Posted by: Ginger Mijango
Original Content:
Once upon a time on Dustbowl,
Defense was expecting a steamroll,
On offense was Enders and his army of Medic,
But they did not count on our hero, Gaelic
Enders did shout to his medics "Listen up,
Do as i say or you'll wish you had worn a cup,
We're going to do the Dustbowl mile,
Going to run right up the middle aisle"


But our hero is not stupid,
he is smart and powered by hatred,
Enders does the same everytime,
Look at this here rhyme,


Our hero did place down many a sticky,
and swore at his teammates coarsely,
"that dumbass is coming up the middle,
unzip your flies and prepare to piddle,
upon his stupid bald head,
for he shall soon be dead"


The round did Start,
Duld was heard to say "Fart"
Enders did leave his spawn,
with all the grace of a legless fawn,
Our hero did right click,
as an aside, he has a large dick,
Enders and his army were evaporated
our hero and his team celebrated


Our hero feeling the need to gloat,
enabled chat and this is what he wrote,
"Dustbowl mile!?"
"Moar liek hardly worthwhile!"


That was quite a build up, for a piss poor ending.

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