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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Saturn's [Chat]agon", by Elendil

DaxonDaxon Registered User regular
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Post: Saturn's [Chat]agon
Forum: Debate and Discourse
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Posted by: Elendil
Original Content:
Hakkekage wrote: »
Daxon wrote: »
Aldo wrote: »
Hakkekage wrote: »
Aldo wrote: »
Hakkekage wrote: »
Why does Pandora keep thinking I like Johnny Cash
You don't? Feh.

Dark brown hair wasn't boring to me. :(

Me + country = Bah

well was her hair straight, rather than an unkempt mass of curls

Mass of curls. Hated everyone with straight hair because when straight hair gets wet it doesn't explode.

God I envy peeps with curly hair, at least your hair is never a dead fish flop of boring and ugh.
Ugh no, I have curly hair and it is a crapshoot when taking care of it

And I have to use SO MUCH MONEY on a constant supply of mousse
at least you're not a Gorgon

then you would need a constant supply of mouse

Daxon on


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