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[Tease On!] Overgrowth (Pre-Order now with Natural Selection 2 for 40 bucks!)

VThornheartVThornheart Registered User regular
edited March 2010 in Games and Technology
NEWS UPDATE: Natural Selection 2 and Overgrowth are being offered in a direct-from-the-company joint venture pack. Pick it up here, and support two amazing indie projects (and get extremely early access to their creation toolsets and engine!):

Natural Selection 2 has built up an impressive array of features around creating their immersive indoor environments: and from the looks of it so far, Overgrowth is an impressive counterpart with its breathtaking outdoor scenery. In my opinion, they're both worth the pre-purchase.


What is Overgrowth?

It can best be described in three words.




I'd rather read than watch the video above. What is Overgrowth?

Overgrowth is an action battle game that's set to be released for Linux and Windows. Based on its predecessor title, Lugaru, it features advanced freeform combat that relies not on button press combinations, but rather timing and the events/actions taking place around your character to determine the actions that are performed by your character.

Apparently it will have elements of both martial arts style combat and stealth, which will require careful consideration of not only visual and auditory stealth but also scent.

When's it coming out? When can I try it?

The game is still in a very early stage of development, but as you can see from the videos below they have already made an impressive engine and toolset with which to create their world. People who pre-order the game can download the nightly build of the engine and toolset to experiment with it themselves.

You can snag a copy of Lugaru to see the combat concepts upon which the new game will be built.

Can I see some more videos of the engine in action?

Sure thing!

Realistic blood effects test

Beautiful Outdoor Scenery and some editor action

Possibly the funniest tutorial video of all time

Hopefully this will sate your thirst... check out their YouTube channel for more:

Other Links of Interest! - The Overgrowth Website
:!: - Combo pack with Natural Selection 2! Get it NOW!

3DS Friend Code: 1950-8938-9095
VThornheart on


  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu ___________PIGEON _________San Diego, CA Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    I'm pretty pleased that I got this for free after having purchased NS2. It's always seemed pretty interesting, although I was definitely taking the "wait and see" approach because, you know, this sort of thing can easily suck. I never played Lugaru but I heard neat things.

    TychoCelchuuu on
  • VThornheartVThornheart Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    True, very true... though after downloading the toolset, I'm feeling pretty good about where this game is going. Even at this very early stage, its already very visually appealing. I think this title will be one to watch, for sure.

    VThornheart on
    3DS Friend Code: 1950-8938-9095
  • BloodySlothBloodySloth Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    Lugaru's combat was pretty neat.

    I like the idea behind the blood effects in that video but I can't say it looks very good. That's just not how liquid drips down a wall. I can't fault them for their ambition, though.

    EDIT: oh man those outdoor environments are pretty.

    BloodySloth on
  • VThornheartVThornheart Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    Aye, it looks even better when you grab their pre-alpha engine. Flying through it gives a better impression of how neat it is. They also pulled this pretty amazing trick (I thought) where the skybox itself is normal mapped, and so if you change the position of the sun, even the skybox (clouds, background mountains, etc...) have their shadows updated according to its position. It's a pretty impressive visual trick!

    VThornheart on
    3DS Friend Code: 1950-8938-9095
  • wavecutterwavecutter Registered User regular
    edited March 2010
    I just pre-ordered this game after trying the Lugaru demo.

    wavecutter on
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