Quoting appears to be broken, quote tags not matching up properly.

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Illustrated in this post here.

Now, the person that Syngyne was quoting was Sorenson. Specifically the second paragraph.

The post said Jules said that in THIS post

Which is incorrect.

Jules' post also shows off MORE problems: After the innermost quote (the one attributed to Stormwatcher), the names are completely wrong. I had posted the *BOOOM* in size 4 text in THIS post, and the only reasons the quotes there are correct is because I fixed them in one of my edits.

I haven't seen this behavior anywhere else, however.

In my posts, at least, I was just using the quote-reply button, I haven't typed out any quote tags manually. I can't speak for the other guys in the thread, though.

EDIT: Actually, looking back, I found the problem. Mismatched quote tags in this post.

So this thread could probably be locked/deleted.

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