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Strange connection problems

rayofashrayofash Registered User regular
For about a month now I've been losing internet connection. It only lasts for a few seconds, and is only noticble when I'm downloading something or playing games. I don't lose network connection and receive no error messages, although sometimes I think running ipconfig /renew helps, I'm not sure if it actually does anything or if the connection just comes back while I'm running it. I have no idea where to even begin diagnosing the problem. For a while I thought it was the router, but sometimes I can go an hour or two without a problem and other times it happens every few seconds. I have no spyware or viruses.

We have Cox cable (phone, internet, and television), and sometimes lose phone connectivity. It's happened about 4 times in the past two weeks or so. The phone just cuts to dial-tone during a conversation. This leads me to believe the problems may be related and have to do with Cox and not my router (though maybe the modem?).

We have about 4 computers, and it's happening to all of them.

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    MuppetmanMuppetman Registered User regular
    edited January 2010
    I had something similar recently with my cable connection. What I did was open a command prompt and typed in ping -t to set up a perpetual ping to see if I had a stable connection. I didn't and the ping kept going AWOL. I tried it on 2 seperate PCs and connected then directly into the modem so as to rule out my router.

    I was then able to call my ISP and explain what had happened and with a minimal amount of faffing about my ISP sent me a new modem which so far has fixed the issue.

    If it is happening across multiple PCs, TV, Phone etc then it is time to call your provider and get them to check things their end.

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