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MinuteWaltMinuteWalt MisterRegistered User regular
Tycho's news links that usually point to that day's comic are pointing to the previous comic, not the current one. It starts with the Jan 27 post pointing to "Here's Your Reality Program" instead of "Gwaihir In The House," and continues to the current one.

I was a little disappointed to find they were links to the last comic, not the next one. I'd love to see what the next comic would be before Jerry and Mike did ;D

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    Shorn Scrotum ManShorn Scrotum Man Registered User regular
    edited February 2010
    Looks like a fat finger style mistake. The link is for the 28th, which is Thursday. The way the site is set up is if an invalid date is put into the URL it defaults to the last comic put up before that date.

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