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Steam Issue

Venkman90Venkman90 Registered User regular
So, I went from Windows 7 RC to Home Premium yesterdau (on my macbook).

I copied the Steam folder to an external HDD, copied it back in and ran the installer. Seemed to go ok until I went into My Games...

It isn't showing the games I own but did not have installed in the list at all, it is only showing the ones that were installed and it is saying that all but one of them (Torchlight) are Pre-Load Complete so when I click it them it askes me to purchase them...MW2, Oblivion, Puzzle Quest, not to mention the Orange Box not even showing up (that wasn't installed).


Edit: Re-booting seems to fix it, although MW2 now shows as "Download Paused" Oo

Venkman90 on


  • General_WinGeneral_Win Registered User
    edited February 2010
    When I reinstall windows, my steam is on a separate drive so I never have to redownload anything. What you could've done is just run the steam.exe in the steam folder that you copied back over.

    So what you could try, if you have the backup still, uninstall steam, remove your backup. Copy the backup back over and just run steam.exe app in the steam folder and it should do the rest.

    General_Win on
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