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iMac G5 in Limbo...

Linespider5Linespider5 ALL HAIL KING KILLMONGERRegistered User regular
My machine has been undergoing some serious problems.

It's had a shifting hang problem with loading, sometimes for over an extended minute the colour wheel will spin for no apparent reason, and this at first happened once a week, then more frequently. I had the hard drive checked out and it is apparently solid, but somehow the permissions went weird. I'd ended up getting the Applejack cleanup program to periodically clean the cache files-I often do quite large Photoshop projects, system permitting.

I've had to do overall machine checkups twice in the past to get it working again, but something different has happened now.

Last Sunday the 14th, my machine lost its awareness of iTunes and my Wacom tablet, and would not allow reinstallation of either, effectively turning my tablet into a very dimwitted mouse at best. Nothing helped. Then, strangely, on Monday the 15th everything was back as it ever was, no problems.

Sunday the 21st, I started getting error messages that would happen in Photoshop or iTunes, if I attempted to start the program and move onto something else as it loaded. I did a full sweep through Applejack again, steps 1-5 completed successfully.

And now, well, anytime I attempt to start the machine, I get nothing. Just a mac folder icon with a blinking '?' over it.

Firewire hookup with my older G4 confirms everything is still 'there,' but the machine will not recognize anything short of the Firewire right now. I've got a bad feeling Snow Leopard choked on itself, or something...I don't think I'm doing THAT much to cripple my machine (it's a refurbished model, but checked out clean) but I really want to get this whole thing sorted proper once and for all.

What's my first step in this mess?

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  • corcorigancorcorigan Registered User regular
    edited February 2010
    Load it up off the system disks? Probably a hard drive problem (which is handy as that's easy and cheap to fix) in my opinion (for what that's worth).

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  • DratatooDratatoo Registered User regular
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    Snow Leopard? If you mean OSX 10.6, this is Intel only. Either you have an Intel Mac, or are running OSX 10.5. :) To me it seems, that you've got a HD problem there. It could also be a logical problems with the file system. Before you yank out your HD, check if your OSX install disc can recognize the HD. Try a repair with the disk utility which is included on the DVD.

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