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Industry Question and a newer system.

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First the newer system. Here in Austin there is a game company called Shardrpg. They came out with a system that I think is pretty great, to try to sum it up as quikly as possible, instead of relying on western culture/mythos and religion, it highlights eastern mythology and culture. . . and um religion. It's also pretty furried up.
It has a great combat system, my only real complaint is that since everything is based on indian/asian/middle eastern culture, I as a painfully western American, can hardly pronounce let alone remember all the special names for things. you can see their stuff at Shardrpg.

Industry Question time!

Currently I work as a food broker. To sum this up, a company (such a Divina/Martinelli's apple juice or somesuch) hires me, then I go first to the grocery/natural stores and convince thier national/regional buyer to approve this item for thier stores. Once that's done I go to the distributer, (more than likely for games that would be Alliance) and convince them to carry this company's new item. Once all that is done I still have two things I have to do, get the individual stores to carry it, and support the new item with demo's and other instore support/labour. In exchange for all this work, the companies that contract my company pay a small monthly retainer and between 2%-5% of sales/growth in my region. (in this case texas)

So my question after all that explaination, is does this position exist in the Tabletop/board/card game realm? I've been thinking pretty heavily on getting a business liscence and starting such a thing for this industry but I need to know if this thing is even remotely possible first. Any input would be great.


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