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So every so often I start Steam nowadays, and the darned thing's trying to sell me a copy of the latest in the Silent Hunter submarine simulation series. There are currently zero reviews out for the damned thing. It currently has a metacritic score of "what fucking game are you even asking about, SammyF?" and the only PA threads I can find about it are limited in scope exclusively to its DRM.***

However, I can't find any information about the actual gameplay. I loved Silent Hunter III at 100% realism -- I'm sure there's an science to getting a headshot in Modern Warfare 2 or some shit, but you can't successfully attack a convoy in Silent Hunter III without doing friggin' trigonometry. Are there any early adopters here who can testify as to whether Silent Hunter 5 remains as challenging? Or has it been dumbed down?


***PLEASE NOTE: The DRM issue is already incredibly well documented. Many people have opinions about it. Maybe you do, too, and you would like to share those opinions so that you can hear other people say "oh my gosh I agree with you completely!" If so, feel free to add them to this thread so that we can keep all of the opinions about how stupid DRM is in a single place. That way when one of us is saying "Hey, has anyone seen where I left my opinion about DRM?" we can all be like, "Oh yeah, you left it in that thread about Ubisoft's DRM beams" and you'll be all like "Oh gosh, you're right, there it is right there!" and then you can ask us where you left your keys and we'll ask you something completely unhelpful like "well where did you last see them?" even though if you knew that you wouldn't be asking us in the first fucking place.

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    I think I know the reason.


    EDIT: Oh, and I forgot... HAHAHAHA! I hope this bites Ubisoft in the ass so hard they can't sit down for a month. I bet all the bootlickers defending this DRM scheme were crossing their fingers hoping this wouldn't happen for a long time. To have it happen so soon is priceless. Sorry for bringing up DRM, but it is kinda relevant to why there aren't many reviews, official or otherwise.

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    wavecutterwavecutter Registered User regular
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    I've played silent hunter 4. It's a good sim but it can be kind of slow as you patrol for things to blow up.

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    subediisubedii Registered User regular
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    Best place to ask would be the official forums, they'd know the details on what's changed and what hasn't. Although I doubt they'd really be trying to dumb down the series at this stage, wouldn't really do anything for the series' mainstream appeal. From what I understand they've re-implemented the virtual ship that was in SH3, so that's a good start.

    Beyond that, I can also vouch that SH4 was really good (and the computer/timekeeper on US subs was a big help in doing calculations). I'd have more on SH5 but, well, you know.

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    Sir CarcassSir Carcass I have been shown the end of my world Round Rock, TXRegistered User regular
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    I've played it a little. It still has the realism options, from manually calculating a firing solution with a compass and protractor, to locking a target and hitting "Fire". One big change is that it doesn't seem you can jump around stations with hotkeys, you have to physically run there in first person, but you can also assign orders for your crew to do, so you don't have to do everything yourself. The game is focused more on actually being a captain, which I like. You can talk to crew members and affect their morale and all that. I've only done a mission or two, so I can't really say much more about it.

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    SceptreSceptre Registered User regular
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    I'm a huge fan of the series, but I am extremely skeptical about this one. The fact that they released it without sending out review copies is never a good sign.

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