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DND Across the Interwebs

passingbypassingby Registered User new member
edited March 2010 in Critical Failures
Hi everybody,

im sure im not the only person who wants to play dnd with friends that are out of state.

Me and a few friends wanna play DND but we don't live near each other, or in the same state anymore.
I had the idea of using internet resources to play together, vent, IM, etc. but we need other resources, like something where we can see dice-rolls digitally, etc. basically any resource you might want for playing DND, we have the books, so thats not a problem.

so im asking if anyone knows programs or sites that will network a few ppl together with dice and possibly map creators. the kicker is that we need it free. if anyone knows of anything like this, it is greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

P.S.- if there are ones that cost money or are relatively cheap i suppose they may help too.

passingby on


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    MaticoreMaticore A Will To Power Registered User regular
    edited March 2010

    All you need.

    FYI - in the future posts like this would be better suited in the main D&D thread.

    Maticore on
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    CalaCala Registered User regular
    edited March 2010
    If you do go with the rptools suite of software, I'd also recommend using this user created framework too.

    It can be quite a bit of work to set up as it involves work on both the DM and players' parts but you do end up getting nice profile cards and power buttons like this:

    I found it to be pretty worthwhile in my game.

    Cala on
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    passingbypassingby Registered User new member
    edited March 2010
    sorry, you see i found it a little more broad than DND 4th Ed which is what that thread was title.

    thank you so much from the lot of us.

    the site was down when i tried to use it, its up now, but does it go down alot?

    passingby on
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