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I am asking this question here because I'm not sure how much this veers into 'not allowed' territory for the Moe's Stupid Technology Tavern forum.

I currently have an old-ish computer I'd like to turn into a NAS (network attached storage) that can also torrent.

I'd also like the ability to use SSH to remotely control my torrents and maybe even access the files from another location.

What OS and software combination would you recommend?

I tried installing Ubuntu Linux 9.10 server edition, and then also realized, I'd prefer a GUI (OK, I admit it... I'm a wimp/non-masochist)

I don't have any 500 GB hard drives on hand because I'd like to see how well this system works before plunking down even $55 on another hard drive. How easy would it be to install another hard drive in this environment?

I'd like to keep a low memory imprint, but then again, I am petrified of any text-only based OSs.

I have no experience with this outside of futzing around with DD-WRT after my tech-savvy friend installed it for me, building my own computer (installing Windows XP on it) and salvaging (aka nuking from orbit) some virus-infested laptops.

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    This is not within the remit of the bug reports and user issues forum

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