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Final Fantasy: What a Joke.

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Now Final Fantasy XIII. It's not even the tired joke about how can a series with XIII games can be called final, there's just around one hundred titles with Final Fantasy in the name or characters from Final Fantasy.

Release Date: About a week ago in North America and Europe, About four months ago Japan.

Platforms- PS3, 360. Same day in the North America and Europe. PS3 Only in Japan.

What's the Deal: Retrospective...

What a joke, I finished the game three days ago.

Still this one is really simple. Take the people behind FF 10, sit them in a room for five or six years and make them go through FF X, X-2, and eventually XII when it dropped, cherry pick the best parts of it, separating the worst parts of it, giving the team a gigantic budget and a huge blender and telling them to come back when the game is done in glorious High Definition. Oh and those bad chunks of those games? Well, add them back in as this smoothee is a bit too thin, we need body!

Oh yes there's more to the story; originally a PS3 exclusive, the writing on the wall of it's eventual multiplatform fate really started picking up definition as 2006 and 2007 progress. First Crystal Tools, the engine used for this game (and the still exclusive and very elusive FF XIII Versus) is announced as being a multiplatform engine, then repeated interview hints about SE's intentions, and then finally the ball dropped at E3 '08 during the 360 conference. XIII multiplatform, same day in North America. Most of you know the rest, how Japanese Honor wouldn't stand this insult, etc, etc. One and a half years later the game finally hits about six brave warriors cursed to either save or destroy their home by walking north for 30 straight hours, but gosh darn does it look and sound pretty. Plays real nice too, switching jobs on the fly, doing billions of points of damage, and AI battle routines that are a step above silly geese.

What Sucks About It: No towns, few NPCs, almost no minigames, you spend most of the game without a full party, the tutorial drags on a bit too long. Could make a case that the villain's motivation is really goofy. Still doesn't outweigh how awesome the game is to play.

Which Version to Play: Oh boy, now we have a real good version debate. Despite the many disks versus one disk, 720p versus 1080p video, and compression issues, I've got to say that most of the time I'm fairly hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. PS3 is better for the reasons listed, but if you want 'cheebments or prefer the controller or don't have a PS3, why not just play it on the 360?

Fun Facts: This is part one of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project which includes this game, Versus, and Agito, which was once a cellphone game and is now apparently a PSP project. Not like we've heard anything about it. Versus is supposed to be dark and brooding.

ATB Shenanigans: Some people seem to believe that the ATB bar fills abnormally fast if you switch jobs immediately after your last action completes. I'm personally not so sure.


3DS CODE: 3093-7068-3576
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    You forgot to put the fact that it has a pop star cheaply attached to it in the "Sucks" category.:P

    I still haven't received the frigg'n thing in mail. That is what I get for going for the UK CE.

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