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the ultimate party band setlist

Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
edited March 2010 in Singularity Engine++
Hey dudes I'm trying to brainstorm and you are the smartest people I know so maybe you can help me.

If you were starting a party cover band and you wanted to play electro-funk-dance type music... what songs would you play? Here's some examples I've already got in mind:

by Chromeo
Bonafied Lovin
Opening Up
Needy Girl
You're So Gangsta

by Daft Punk
One More Time
Digital Love
Robot Rock

by LCD Soundsystem
North American Scum

Imagine the instrumentation is guitar, bass, drums and synth, with one vocalist, so you'd need to pick songs that can be played (or be modified to be played) by that lineup.

The audience in mind would be a bunch of drunk people at a party who want some funky dance music to get down to. The original concept here was "Chromeo cover band" but I don't think there's enough strong material to really make that happen.

so what do you think, suggest songs albums bands whatever

Captain K on


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