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NYC on St. Patrick's

ScrubletScrublet Registered User regular
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Two of my friends and myself have decided to drive up to NYC today for St. Patrick's day. This would be why I'm at work getting stuff done at 3AM, mainlining coffee in preparation for a day of making everyone around me question the classification of alcohol as a depressant. I'm no stranger to the city, but don't know much about what different places downtown do for St. Patrick's day. I'm talking things like festivals (especially outside open-air ones) or other specials I may not know about that people in the area definitely do. Any advice?

To narrow the scope somewhat, I plan on parking my car in Hoboken (and probably starting at a place or two I know there) around noonish, and then heading over on the PATH to the South Street Seaport/NYSE area for some places I know of over there. I'm looking to stay around the south and central areas (no farther than the south edge of Central Park) of Manhattan unless someone knows something particularly awesome elsewhere. Thanks!

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I hear PC gaming is huge off the coast of Somalia right now.

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