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ITT Yami Electrocutes Himself

YamiNoSenshiYamiNoSenshi A point called ZIn the complex planeRegistered User regular
edited March 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
I'd like to introduce everyone to the dumbest light in the world. Say hello, light.

Now this light is dumb because it is very dim, and it is the only light attached to not only a light switch right by the door to my condo, but also to one on the other side of the living room in the hallway. The only effect of turning this light on is to make one person on the couch feel very special.

What I would like to do is to attach track lighting to the ceiling parallel to the balcony doors, so that the whole living room is bathed in light when we turn the lights on. Also so the living room is not lit by a few insufficient lamps.

There are two unidentified white wires running into this thing. The problem I have is that this isn't actually a light socket but is instead some single thing. There are two options I see:

1) Rewire this into an actual light bulb socket, then get one of those bulb socket to outlet converters, then plug the track lighting into that.

2) Wire the track lighting directly into the wires in the ceiling.

Is... is there an electrician in the house?

YamiNoSenshi on


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    SeñorAmorSeñorAmor !!! Registered User regular
    edited March 2010
    Take the entire light fixture out of the ceiling. The proper wiring is most likely behind it. The wiring in your pictures doesn't appear to be wires you should be monkeying around with.

    Please cut the power to your lights so you can change your thread title to "Yami falls off a ladder and embarrasses himself" instead.

    SeñorAmor on
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    b0bd0db0bd0d Registered User regular
    edited March 2010
    I'm bored so...

    Like he said, turn off the power. Maybe even flip the breaker. Use wire nuts and good, not cheap, electrical tape. Use the proper anchors to affix the lighting to the ceiling.

    b0bd0d on
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    UsagiUsagi Nah Registered User regular
    edited March 2010
    1) Buy a voltage sniffer
    2) Turn off power at the breaker (you have the breakers mapped out right? Right?) and tape down lightswitch so somebody can't woops zap
    3) Use voltage sniffer
    4) Remove can fixture
    5) Install track lighting fixture per diagram (most units come with nice clear instructions)
    6) Turn on breaker
    7) If nothing fizzles, remove tape and turn on switch (if it fizzles, or the breaker pops you wired it wrong, so try again)
    8) Voila, light

    Usagi on
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