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Really unsure of the proper placement of this topic, but here we go...

Playing Heavy Rain on PS3, and having several control issues. I can't imagine this topic belongs in the main board catagory, but couldn't figure where to place it.

In the prologue, free to those when pre-ordered, there are several control info boxes that infer that one only hold the down button, or any directional button, to further the plot. But there are several windows that I've held down tha directional arrow on the sticks, or on the control pad, and received no indication of apt gaming. They still just hover there.

Please help!

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    Post here and someone should be able to help you.

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    There's a Heavy Rain thread a few threads down this this forum (Games & Technology). I would ask there. Also, I beat the game and The Taxidermist, and I'm not really sure I understand what you're asking. The "directional buttons" - by which I assume you mean up, down, left, and right - are never used in the game. Do you mean that you get an UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT ARROW prompt? That's a prompt to move or hold the right analog stick in that direction.

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    There's two kinds of directional input. Stick and gamepad. I haven't played the demo, so I don't know where in the game it is, but - if it's a symbol with just an arrow, its stick movement. If it has a symbol that looks like the DualShock 3 in the center of it, it's a sixaxis motion. Hold the pad flat and move it in the direction it shows (so if it's a DualShock image with a down arrow, hold the gamepad flat and quickly move the controller down).

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    its got its positves and its negatives. im still undecided

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