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erasmus310erasmus310 Registered User regular
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So, I thought I saw everything there was to see on the show floor, but now I'm on GameTrailers and there are a bunch of videos of Hydrophobia walkthroughs from PAX East! Where was Hydrophobia? I heard about this game years ago and thought it was cool, and haven't heard anything since. Was it playable?

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    acumen101acumen101 Registered User regular
    edited March 2010
    It was playable there and pretty cool. The big selling point to it was the realistic behavior of water in the game. It's for XBox Live Arcade and out sometime later this year....they couldn't get more specific with the date, unfortunately. Also, they were handing out poker chips with codes on them that you could use on their web site to access something.....still haven't figured out how to enter the code, exactly (I started a separate thread on that).

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    NopeNope Frankfort, KYRegistered User regular
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    The booth itself was between where they were showing Limbo and Crackdown 2, it was kinda wedged in there and I don't think they officially set up till like late Friday early Saturday.

    Talked to the main designer guy, the game sounds pretty cool, very single player focused. Didn't get a poker chip though :(

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