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Buying used video card

1ddqd1ddqd Registered User regular
My friend has a 4870 that he wants to sell me so he can upgrade to a new card. I'm never an early adopter, so I've been looking for a "new" card in the meantime anyways.

Right now, I have a BFG 8800GTX 1GB, so it would be a step up (I think). He's asking $100... can anyone give me their opinion on the price? Should I low-ball for $75 since it's used?

1ddqd on


  • MisanthropicMisanthropic Registered User
    edited April 2010
    A new 1 GB 4870 will run you about $150-$200 depending on deals and what-have-you.

    The maker really matters here. If it's an XFX with a double lifetime warranty (original purchase gets a warranty, second hand sale gets the same warranty) - sure, grab it for $100, it's as good as new.

    Otherwise... ehhh, maybe not.

    Misanthropic on
  • Brodo FagginsBrodo Faggins Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    Sapphire's a good brand, too, never had a problem with them through three cards.

    Brodo Faggins on
  • 1ddqd1ddqd Registered User regular
    edited April 2010
    I'll confirm the brand with him. He's never registered it, so I may do that if it's a regular warranty.

    1ddqd on
  • TehSlothTehSloth this little piggy got a house made of bricksRegistered User regular
    edited April 2010
    1ddqd wrote: »
    I'll confirm the brand with him. He's never registered it, so I may do that if it's a regular warranty.

    That could be bad, a lot of them won't honor better warranties unless the original purchaser registered them within 30 days of purchase, and you're usually stuck with just a 1-year limited. It is definitely a step up, probably between 15-20%, if you've got something to do with the 8800 then I'd go for it, but otherwise see if you can talk him down to $75 :winky:

    TehSloth on
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