Multitouch notebooks - Apple only?

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Who else makes laptops with multitouch trackpads?

And are they on the same level of functionality as Apple's? It's not easy to tell on the various manufacturer's websites.

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    TincheTinche No dog food for Victor tonight. Registered User regular
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    My Eee (1005HA) has a multitouch trackpad - I open links in a new tab by tapping with two fingers (simulates a middle-click). Also two finger scrolling works; dunno how well since I don't use it. The device manager reports it as an ordinary Synaptics touchpad.

    Oh, pinch to zoom works too, and Chrome recognizes it :)

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    LemmingLemming Registered User regular
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    My gateway netbook has a multitouch pad, but the software isn't super robust. I can do things like scroll with two fingers, pinch to zoom, stuff like that.

    Of course, for some reason they decided to make the touchpad like 1 in^2, so I don't use the multitouch that much.

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    ZxerolZxerol for the smaller pieces, my shovel wouldn't do so i took off my boot and used my shoeRegistered User regular
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    The number of laptops with multitouch capability is probably higher than you think. If the laptop has a Synaptics touchpad (which is really common), it's probably already multitouch capable. Enterprising people have actually made hacked drivers for multitouch under Windows. Linux is even better -- it'll probably work already.

    My years-old ThinkPad T61, for instance, is capable of multitouch (two-finger scroll, zoom, whatever), even though it's nowhere in the official feature list. The tiny trackpad makes it a less useful feature, though. (Plus why use a trackpad when you have the pointing stick?)

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