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Play Halo: Reach with Gabe & Tycho tonight

AveryCloseCallAveryCloseCall Registered User new member
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Hi all, just in case you aren't aware, there's a Penny Arcade "Game with Fame" event in Halo: Reach Beta tonight from 5-7 PST (8-10 EST).

To participate, make sure you have an Xbox LIVE Gold account, microphone, and access to Halo: Reach Beta (via Halo 3: ODST). Next, send friend requests to "TychoReach" and "GabeReach" on Xbox LIVE. Last, be ready to play at the appointed time and if you get a game invite, be ready to Game with Fame!

For more details, check out the "My Community" channel on Xbox LIVE in the US, or follow .


Disclosure: I used to post under the handle "the4v3ry"
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