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[Dragon Quest/Warrior] New RPG: Thoughts? Ideas? Pointless?

El FantasticoEl Fantastico Toronto, ONRegistered User regular
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I was with my Exalted group yesterday and while the DM was busy with a few other members of the party, I momentarily thought about how cool would it be to run an RPG based on Dragon Quest?

So it'd follow some D&D rules, but use the Dragon Quest classes from DQ4 and 6, with a majority of the skills taken from 6 and 8, but the names would remain the classic ones from 4 and 5 (none of this Frizz, Frizzle, Kafrizzle goosery). Melee classes would get the physical skills that started coming up in 5 and beyond, so they'd have some class options.

Things to work out would be exp calculation, skill distribution, damage and radius for various spells and skills. Although the Dragon Quest games tend to take place in different worlds with each game (though sometimes revisiting previous ones like DQ1-3, DQ4-6 with the Zenithian arc) there's a lot of recurring themes to the games.

The party composition would always lack a "hero", though the class should be available in a late game adventure, or as a multi-class option like DQ6. The best setup to party composition would be like DQ3, where it's party members recruited from an Adventurer's Guild.

Does this sound interesting at all to anyone else or am I the only one crazy enough to think it is?

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