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Sound card locks up periodically

saint2esaint2e Registered User regular
edited May 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey guys,

Just wondering if there's an application out there that can identify which program on my PC currently has the sound card locked.

Periodically my sound card will stop working. This is remedied by rebooting, but I hate doing that. I'm convinced one of my application is locking out the sound card, causing other programs to be unable to play sounds (ie- trying to play an mp3 in iTunes just has iTunes spin while I assume it's trying to use the sound card).

Does such a tool/application exist?

I'm running Windows Vista 64-bit.

saint2e on


  • Dunadan019Dunadan019 Registered User regular
    edited May 2010
    have you tried looking at the event viewer to see if theres any error around the time when the sound card stops? (its in the control panel under admin tools)

    have you updated whatever sound drivers are on your PC?

    have you tried reinstalling any software that came with the sound card?

    those are your first steps.

    Dunadan019 on
  • saint2esaint2e Registered User regular
    edited May 2010
    The down side is usually I come home from work, try to load up a video, and notice the sound is locked, so I'm not entirely sure. I did have a quick read through the event logs for application/system, and the only thing I can see is the Bonjour service failing miserably.

    I've been keeping the drivers updated, but I see now that the "SoundMax" software is still what I installed back when I put this rig together. I'll see if I can find an update for that..

    saint2e on
  • proXimityproXimity Registered User regular
    edited May 2010
    Logging out and logging back in can some times fix this, it's a wee bit faster than a full on restart

    proXimity on
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