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Unfortunately as of late i feel that lost planet 2 has suffered the brunt of alot of unfair criticism. When capcom released the multiplayer demo late last year me and the the crew here at secondplaythrough ( as well as many gaming media outlets across the world) began to buzz about just how fun this epic 3rd person shooter was to play with a group of friends. The game was delayed and then just a few weeks ago the game finally landed in U.S. shores. Odly enough though if you head on over to gamerankings you will see a comulative score 69% ( as of 5/29/10). One of my favorite independent podcasts (noobtoob) shat all over this game, even making it the joke of their show introduction.

So what happened from the end of last year till now that drastically changed lost planet so much? Not much in my opinion. Perhaps its just because we are surrounded by so many top notch games at the moment ( Red Dead redemption, Alan wake, Mario Galaxy) that by comparison LP2 seems far less spectacular. However i dont think that its fair to crucify Lost Planet 2 for what it IS NOT.

Lets hit the checklist...

Single player campaign worth your time? nope not really...

Long lasting appeal? Huge open world? Nope...

Memorable heart pounding music? meh...

Beautiful visuals ? Check!

Fun responsive controls? Check!

Engaging multiplayer experience with friends? DOUBLE CHECK!

Huge Epic Monsters that are a blast to take down with friends? CHECK!

As i mentioned before i believe lost planet KNOWS the game it wants to be. Hell when you select the campaign for the first time the game EMMEDIATLEY asks you if you would like to invite another player. Don’t waste your time playing with the games A.I its pretty bad ( but who wanted to play this game with A.I in the first place?). Truth be told i believe the games biggest flaw is that it forces you to battle far to many generic space pirates leading up to the finale of each chapter. Hell even fighting the smaller alien akrid monsters is FAR more engaging then the hordes of space pirates thrown in our face....but just remember this is all very deliberate. The games structure revolves around you activating these data posts ( basically points that function as LIVES) so that you have to play smart and work well as a team so that when you come to one of those epic akrid beasts at the end of the chapter you have enough lives to survive the encounter. I played this game with three critical gamers and we all had a blast renting it over a weekend or so….and I have a feeling if this game had been released at the end of last year ( among far lesser competition) the game would have experienced a far more positive reception.

Also, is it so dismissible that the game looks fantastic? Surely with a simpler multiplayer shooter like lost planet 2 that has to count for something...so much of the experience is reliant on strong visual immersion.

Don’t get me wrong lost planet 2 has all sorts of issues....but it succeeds at what it aims to deliver. A beautiful, somewhat simpleminded 3rd person shooter with its share of epic boss encounters. At the end of the day isn’t that all we really wanted in the first place?

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