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The New, Mighty and Secretly Dark Avenging (and Defending) Thread!



  • SolarSolar Registered User regular

    that could be interesting

  • HenslerHensler Registered User regular
    Arivia wrote:
    Hensler wrote:
    Wolverine #300 is in-continuity, right? Because Mystique was brought back in there just last month. I think it's impossible to kill her.

    I always liked the stories about when Mystique was on the government X-Factor team, but I really liked that series in general.

    Ooo? What happened in it?

    It looks like a faction of the hand has brought back Mystique and Sabretooth - who are a couple again. The two look to be working with this new Hand group to take control of Japan from Kingpin's Hand and the Yakuza, with Wolverine stuck in the middle.

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