Mac OSX & Fingerprint readers ?

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First some background:

I'm buying my mother a new iMac, Time Capsule, and revamping the whole network at her house so I can better support her. My dad passed away a year ago and he was very computer savvy - he could maintain the PCs that I built and the ones he built. My mother does not have that skill set, and since most of our family uses a Mac on a daily basis, I thought it would be easier to support her on a Mac instead of revamping the Windows machines she has now. One laptop has now died (hard drive) and the PC my dad built is not very practical (loud and now dated).

My biggest concern is making the whole setup easy to use, so I thought I would look into a biometric login setup - letting my mom swipe a finger to login, etc. I hate the idea of her having to remember multiple passwords to do the simple things she wants to do (email, skype, web browse, writing documents).

Does anyone have experience with this type of device on a Mac ? Any recommendations ? Any other Mac compatible options that might be easier ?

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    Ideally she wouldn't be entering any passwords on a daily basis. If you set it up to login automatically and save the passwords in Keychain, everything should be dandy -- I think the only times I have to enter a password are when I'm installing system updates or buying things on iTunes.

    Sure, it won't be very secure in case of theft, but realistically all security can be compromised once they've got physical access to the machine. The underlying OS will still be secure, since users don't have root privileges.

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