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I HATE SQUIRRELS [Dog Adoption Thread]

Waffles or whateverWaffles or whatever Previously known as, I shit you not, "Waffen"Registered User regular
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About a month ago my mom's prized peckignese passed away. Since a month has passed my mom is ready to find a new dog. We went to a few local animal shelters to adopt a dog because we'd rather rescue a dog than buy one from a pet shop. We go to the animal shelter that was a good half mile away because it had a good reputation and discover this dog

Which later we discovered the petfinder link for her here.

However, we're questioning what breed she is. We don't want to jump into a dog breed that we don't know anything about. They told us shes a Wire Hair Fox Terrier, but when we looked online shes definitely not that breed. Upon further research we discovered she might be a Manchester Terrier, which isn't good with other dogs, or cats. (We currently own a dog and a cat and don't want them fighting). Overall though, we liked the dog, however, we're trying to determine what the other breed is. Any suggestions to that?

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    HK5HK5 Registered User regular
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    While I can understand wanting to research the breed of dog you'll be adopting, you have to accept that with mixed breed shelter pets it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to do that with any degree of accuracy. She may have three or four breeds evenly represented in her genealogy, any of which might impart personality traits. See if you can spend time with her or take her home for a trial period to see if she gets along with the cat. She's young and has a good chance of getting along fine with a cat as long as they're properly introduced.

    That said, I think she looks like a mini Australian Shepherd.


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    FeatherBladeFeatherBlade Registered User regular
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    As long as she understands that the cat is higher than she is in the pack hierarchy, it'll probably be fine.

    Take her on a nice long walk before you let her in the house.

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    rfaliasrfalias Registered User regular
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    Breed may determine some traits, but nothing will affect a dog of that age more than proper training. That young they are like putty. If you raise it to treat the cat like part of the pack, it will treat it so. Proper exercise, correct poor behavior, reward good behavior and it will be fine.

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    LadyMLadyM Registered User regular
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    That's an extremely cute pup!

    The odds are she'll do fine with the cats and dog.

    Really, the shelter is probably just guessing when they say manchester terrier. She doesn't really look much like a manchester terrier to me. They were probably basing it off her color scheme, but lots of breeds show that color scheme.

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    Waffles or whateverWaffles or whatever Previously known as, I shit you not, "Waffen" Registered User regular
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    Here's a photo from my cell phone. I took more, but she was to excited to stand still. At one point when I was trying to take a photo she ran from me, jumped over the fence that separated her from the toys, took the toy bone, and brought it back to me. I nearly died from the adorableness.

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    KistraKistra Registered User regular
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    I agree with the posters above. Evaluate the pups behavior with your particular dog or cat rather than breed characteristics. None of them are 100%. Even if 99% of the dogs of the breed (s) that make up your pup are good with dogs it doesn't matter if your pup is in the 1%. Again, even if 99% of the breed is bad with other dogs, if your pup is the 1% it won't matter.

    Also, if for some reason this pup doesn't end up being the one for your family you might look into rescue groups. They have the dogs living in a foster home with a few other pets for a bit so that the foster parent knows a lot more about the pups temperament than a shelter will.

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