Week of Games 6/13: Gundemonium Shmups on PSN, Toy Story 3, and... uh...

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Taking care of this for Slash000 while he's away.
Welcome to the 115 edition of G&T's newly traditional "Weekly Games Release Thread!" - Week 6/13/10 - 6/20/10 !

Where we discuss what we're looking forward to, what we're going to buy, and what we're just now realizing is being released this week that we had forgotten about!


Wii/PS3/360/DS/everything but the Virtual Boy



Gundemonium Collection (PSN)
(GundeadliGne, Gundemonium Recollection, Hitogata Happa)

Sony Online Entertainment and Rockin’ Android Bring First-Ever Doujin Games to the PSN
WHAT: On June 15, 2010, Sony Online Entertainment and indie video game developer Rockin’ Android will release the Gundemonium Collection on the PlayStation®Network. The arrival of the Gundemonium Collection marks the first doujin, or Japanese-indie “bullet hell” shooter games to hit the PlayStation Network. The action packed Gundemonium Collection can be purchased as a bundle for $14.99 or each of the three titles, Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne, and Hitogata Happa, will be available individually for $5.99.

FEATURES: Each game delivers action packed 2-D anime-style game play, and brings the indie “bullet hell” genre to the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. With high-impact weaponry, each of the Gundemonium titles offers multiple levels of frenetic action, remote play capability and at least ten PlayStation®Network Trophies. Players are also able to take snapshots and video of their in-game action to upload to YouTubeTM.

Gundemonium Recollection features:

Three playable characters and a fourth unlockable
Five levels of intense side scrolling bullet gameplay
Story, Practice and Mission modes allow players to take their shooting skills to the max

GundeadliGne features:

Two playable characters and a third unlockable
Five Levels of multi-directional bullet-hell action
Six Matrix Masters counter attack spells to choose from
Co-op two player mode

Hitogata Happa features:

Seven playable characters, and an eighth unlockable
Six stages of top down overhead gameplay
Unlockable hidden missions

WHEN: The Gundemonium Collection is now available for $14.99 on the PlayStation Network. Gundemonium Recollection, GundeadliGne and Hitogata Happa are also available individually for $5.99 each.


(Naval Assault: The Killing Tide)


(Making History 2) (..?)

(The Book of Unwritten Tales) (...?)


(The Legend of Kay)

So, uh, mostly crap. But you could buy the Gundemonium pack to support doujin shmups in the US, which you really should.

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    elliotw2elliotw2 Registered User regular
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    Awesome, can't wait to buy my millionth version of Bejeweled 2, how about you guys?

    In reality, I might pick up the shooter collection, else holding out for later.

    elliotw2 on
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    brynstarbrynstar Registered User regular
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    That Toy Story game looks less horrible than it probably should.

    I'm probably not buying anything this week sadly.

    brynstar on
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    HenroidHenroid Mexican kicked from Immigration Thread Centrism is Racism :3Registered User regular
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    ... YOU'RE NOT SLASH. :evil:

    So wow, how do you get a Bejeweled 2?

    Henroid on
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    CantidoCantido Registered User regular
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    Deathsmiles deserves more love. I'm very exited for the first localized CAVE danmaku game.

    Cantido on
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    Unco-ordinatedUnco-ordinated NZRegistered User regular
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    Should be a great week for the US PSN. Gundemonium Collection, Final Fantasy IX and Tales of Monkey Island. Pity the PAL PSN probably won't be getting Gundemonium or Tales of Monkey Island for quite a while (if we get Gundemonium at all).

    Unco-ordinated on
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    UnbreakableVowUnbreakableVow Registered User regular
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    I am kind of interested in Toy Story 3 only because Toy Story for the SNES and Toy Story 2 for the PS1 were both really fun

    UnbreakableVow on
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