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Can someone direct me to...

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Ok, I am pretty new to this whole comic book/ graphic novel thing. An acquantince of mine told me to read The Watchmen, 300, League of Extrordinary Gentlemen, The Preacher Graphic Novels (Volumes 1-9?), Sandman Volumes, V for Vendetta, and Maus I and II.

So, after exploration into this wonderful medium, I have decided to fan out my interests into other comic books, particullarly Hellblazer, Hellboy and The Dark Knight Returns series.

So, down to the actual questions I have:
1) Is anything other than the actual labeled volumes of Hellboy worth reading? (I.E. Volumes I - V if I recall correctly)

2) Where should I start with Hellblazer?

3) Which Dark Knight XYZ should I start with (By Frank Miller)? There seems to be an 80s Dark Knight series and a later one, or maybe I am just reading things wrong.

Oh, and not to be too picky, but I like reading my GraphicNovels/ Comic Books in order, so if you could help me with the order, I would be much obliged.


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