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  • DanHibikiDanHibiki Registered User regular
    edited June 2010
    I read an article a while ago that apparently there has been a massive increase in people dreaming about the end of the world, and this is a sign or something.

    It made me go all goosey, but I know it's bullshit, obviously. But it was kinda creepy to read.

    Yes, it means Roland Emmerich is a rather popular film maker.

    And yeah, I have those dreams too, though mine had sidewalks covered in lava and lava sharks garbing people that got too close.

    DanHibiki on
  • Bacon-BuTTyBacon-BuTTy Registered User regular
    edited June 2010
    Disrupter wrote: »
    I had a wet dream once where the dream was just me whacking it to porn...

    I woke up and was just like "seriously, self?" Apparently even in my dreams I wasnt getting laid. It was shameful.

    Also, this was like 2 weeks ago :(

    Funniest post I have read today

    Bacon-BuTTy on
  • exmelloexmello Registered User regular
    edited June 2010
    Variable wrote: »
    the last dream I had that I remembered was mostly normal but my old dog I understood to be two different dogs. it was very odd I can't really give a narrative of it but my perception of this dog was as two separate creatures, although I know them both and they are both my pet.

    I had this same one all the time with my cat.

    exmello on
    These are the type of people who get to Google by Googling "Google"
  • Gennenalyse RuebenGennenalyse Rueben Registered User regular
    edited July 2010
    You know, maybe it would've been a good idea to label which chat logs of mine involved me discussing my dreams. As it is, the two I did label are completely incoherent and I can't even remember what I was trying to say in them. Oh well, something electricitylikesme said in the transhumanism thread reminded me of a very, very long dream I had a while ago.

    Back when I was still in college, I took two English classes and only two. English 101 and 102. I passed them quite easily. Then one day I had a dream. It's one of those extraordinarily realistic dreams, where you're sure that you're just going about your day. It was also one of those dreams that somehow turned a night into days, months -- in this case about the length of a US school semester.

    I remember very few actual events from the dream, but I remember the setting clearly. It was oddly consistant between "days", though it shifted from time to time as I recall. It was an odd amalgam of my old junior high school, my high school, and my college in terms of its design. We used lockers for whatever reason, thin ones. And as always happened in both junior high and high my locker overflowed because I was completely and utterly disorganized. I remember my location in the hallway pretty clearly, too. On the far end of the building from the front door, an annoying place for sure that I believe I had once.

    Anyway, I had several classes that I attended daily. A math class which I did oddly good in, a computer course that turned into "play the craziest game of CiviliZoombinis ever" every time I had it, and an English class. I HATED the English class for some reason. I went the first "day" and absolutely loathed everything about it, the seating arrangement, the books we were given, even the teacher. I skipped it after a couple "days" had passed.

    Absolutely nothing else eventful happened that I can remember, though I have recollections of talking to fellow students and some of my teachers. I'm not sure I can really get across how real the passing of time felt. I truly perceived a massive length of time passing, days upon days turning into months. I recall the feeling of being impatient for class to end so I could go home. Then one day...I guess I did! It was a normal day, but I was worried. I had been skipping my English class and needed to drop it before it affected my GPA! I packed up my entire locker for some reason and headed out the front door and, uhm, woke up.

    That dream English class haunted me for the next month because it had somehow worked its way into my memories. I remembered going in there, hating it, deciding to skip it -- but not its relation to my long school dream. But when I finally looked deeper into it I realized it had never happened. Completely freaked me out and has made me wonder how many of some of my other clear memories were actually just dreams.

    Gennenalyse Rueben on
  • DecomposeyDecomposey Registered User regular
    edited July 2010
    You have imagine this dream sequence narrated by that movie preview guy, because that's how it happened in the dream. The voiceover parts are bolded.

    "If Randy Orton only saw one movie this summer..."

    *Images of zombies roaming the streets, trying to climb buildings, one getting stuck on a lamp post*

    " ould be THIS ONE."

    *Images of Randy Orton hitting zombies with chairs*

    "Randy Orton! With a mohawk!"

    *Randy Orton has a shaven head, with a very large red and blue plastic mohawk glued to it*

    "Killing zombies..."

    *Mohawked Randy Orton shoves John Leguizamo through the trunk of his car to where the backseat is folded down. Instead of a normal backseat, the back of this one is some sort of plastic/metal thing with holes the size of golfballs so you can see into the trunk, which is filled with water bottles. He then grabs the folded down backseat back and lifts it, decapitating John Leguizamo who I guess is a zombie. Johns head explodes and clear gel comes out, I guess that was supposed to be brains.*

    "...with his car..."

    *Mohawked Randy Orton then slides over the hood of his car Duke of Hazzard style, which I guess was appropriate as his car is the General Lee. He gets into the front seat and guns the engine.*

    "...powered by sunlight!"

    *The General Lee has some sort of mirrior like sheen when the sun hits it, which I guess is what gives it power. The car peels off down the road. There are oil barrels standing up on the road, and zombies on the side of it. The car swerves towards the zombies, most of which jump out of the way, but one is hit and sent cartwheeling through the air*

    "Coming this summer!"

    Decomposey on
    Before following any advice, opinions, or thoughts I may have expressed in the above post, I feel I should warn you: I found Keven Costners "Waterworld" to be a very entertaining film.
  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades Demodog It's a play on wordsRegistered User regular
    edited July 2010
    These wacky goggles will send you stimuli while you are in REM sleep to remind you that you are dreaming, so you can therefore have a lucid experience.


    Too bad I can't sleep with anything covering my eyes and don't care enough about lucid dreams enough to buy something like this that may or may not work for me.

    joshofalltrades on
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