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    Not sure if this was talked about, but the newest Fan Friday article goes to a bit more depth about the advanced classes.

    Heavy Blaster Cannon
    Ranged DPS

    Blaster Rifle
    Energy Shields and Defense


    Blaster ‘Shot Gun’
    Stealth / Medicine
    Burst ranged damage or Healing

    Dual Pistols
    Quickdraw / Fast Attacks
    Ranged DPS

    Jedi Knight

    Jedi Sentinel
    Dual Wield Saber
    Saber fighting specialist
    Melee DPS

    Jedi Guardian
    Single Saber / Heavy Armor
    Leadership / Party Buffs

    Jedi Consular

    Jedi Shadow
    Double Bladed Saber
    Burst melee damage

    Jedi Wizard
    Single Saber
    Powerful Telekinesis / Healing
    Ranged Control / Damage or Healing

    Bounty Hunter

    Defense / Energy Shields

    Dual Wield Guns
    Ranged DPS

    Sith Warrior

    Sith Juggernaut
    Single Saber / Heavy Armor
    Fear and Darkside Auras

    Sith Marauder
    Dual Wield Sabers / Armor
    Saber fighting specialist
    Melee DPS

    Imperial Agent

    Blaster Rifle / Energy Blade
    Burst Ranged damage

    Sniper Rifle
    Cover, Ambush, Orbital Strikes
    Ranged DPS

    Sith Inquisitor

    Sith Sorcerer
    Single Saber
    Force Lightning / Force Drain
    Ranged DPS or Healer

    Sith Assassin
    Double Bladed Saber
    Burst Melee DPS

    edit. Oh and spaceships.

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    Nyht wrote: »
    Yeah, Kotor's combat system was a d20 turn based system. It was just really prettied up, but was little more than Neverwinter Nights with lightsabers. ToR, like WoW, will be real time. There will be abilities and "spells" that are instant and can be performed while moving, ect. Only real difference that I've seen so far from videos is that there is no autoattack in ToR.

    Kotor's and ToR's combat system will be like night and day.

    Given the lack of auto attacks and it often being a generous portion of a lot of classes damage, I'm hoping combat might be more exciting that way. Also when it comes to pvp (even though it isnt a central focus for me), the fights might last longer.

    I'm very curious to see how no AA works out in the end.

    Meh, I bet most people will simply bind their standard attack and spam it while their main abilities are on cooldown.

    But it could be interesting. Have to wait and see I guess.

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    Boogdud wrote: »
    devCharles wrote: »
    Did you or Boogdud even play Kotor?

    I don't know why people are expecting Bioware to create an innovative combat system. When did they become known for this or expected to do this?

    Yeah, I played Kotor. 7 years ago. I expected maybe a little upgrade in the combat department. It doesn't need to be 'innovative', but something at least entertaining would be good. I mean Mass Effect wasn't all that innovative but I found the combat sequences quite fun. Also, ME2 was a very good leap imo over ME in the combat.

    I guess I maybe expected too much. I didn't expect it to look exactly the same as kotor. Which it does. I suppose if that's what you were looking for you got what you wanted. So that's cool.

    Edit note: After having said that I do agree with Mild Confusion about the narrative being the primary focus and I'm fine with that. I really like what bioware does, and I'm just as interested in that part of the game as I was with combat.

    No offense dude, but this is silly goosery. I watched that and all this talk of visceral combat seems like just that, talk.

    Like most RPGs, SW:TOR looks boring to watch someone else play, but I'm sure it'll be exciting to play yourself. I mean, seriously, you talk about WoW combat like it is the shit and I almost fell asleep watching that video and that was fighting the Liche King (from what I understand, that's pretty new and kind of a big deal).

    I'm just saying, until you play it maybe hold off on assuming you know how the combat is going to be?

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    new thread time

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