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I want to try Eve but I'm giving up

Boot2TheHeadBoot2TheHead Registered User regular
edited January 2007 in Games and Technology
Too many website issues. I get a link for a 14 day free trial from my brother (with a CD key). So I fire up the browser and try to sign up.

First problem:
I try to create an account with Firefox and I get a message: "Operation performed an unsuspected error, review information and try again" (this is on the web page, not a browser error). I notice that the page is an ASP page. Not friendly with FireFox.

OK, I'll try in IE. I get past the first error and get as far as the CD key. They tell me that the cd key is not valid. I try two more times. Same result.

Send a message to support, they tell me to try again, it should work. So I follow the link that they provide and yes, it does work (huh?). But now I have to make a new account. Well, I made an account last night. I'll just log in under that one.

Can't log in. Incorrect password. Really really sure about the user/pass combo that I used, use it all over the place. Oh well, send me the link to reset the password. OK, I get the link and click it.

The page that shows up says this:
"Your password could not be reset. The url you followed is either incorrect, has been used or has expired." Try again, same result. They sent me the link within the last minute, how the heck could it... ??? :evil:

So I've spent probably 30 minutes now and I'm less and less enthused every second. That whole asp-page-no-workee-in-FF is very 2004. Now, I'm not 100% that that's what it was but it worked fine in IE. They need to get with the program.

Their ability to put together a good looking website that has bugs out the wazoo makes me think that the game is the same way. And I'm gonna pay to play it. Like monthly? Don't think so.

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