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[Samurai On] Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes - Put your F-ing guns on tomorrow!



  • ReynoldsReynolds Raving Rabbit Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    I really should play this more, I just have so many games to play right now.

    Reynolds on
  • MorninglordMorninglord Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    The thing that keeps me coming back to this game is the hidden details of every fighter.

    Things like the Pirate's chain shot -> clap of thunder just frame release = Wow Enemy Boss You Just Got Totalled.

    Or that mitsunari can cancel almost anything into his good stuff, cutting off his start up animations.
    Or that the elaborate resheathing animation Mitsunari does after you do his full Square combo counts as a hit with huge range and does decent damage if you let him finish it. I killed tenkai with this accidentally. I was just letting the animation carry through for the lols and then soon as the hilt hits the scabbard he died.

    Keiji can cancel most of his attacks into showy and brutally effective attacks with his up and triangle that starts a chain of these big hitters if you keep cancelling it. That keiji can cancel enemy stuns, dizzy and knockdowns with this (he does a sneeze). He can cancel his own death animation once per stage using it. You come back with 1 health, but you can back alive.

    Things like Fuma never having to come back down to the ground unless he feels like it if there are enemies around to reset his air attacks.

    Or that Yukimura's rapid spear attacks and spinning blazing kick wont end as long as you keep mashing the button as fast as you can, faster and faster. He only stops when you fail to keep it going.

    The recovery on Magoichi's charged shots can be cancelled with evade to make them come out faster and this also works with the shotgun. Stick a gold halberd on her (+ 700 attack on your first hit) and she becomes even more of a monster since it works with these charged shots.

    Kanbe's Criminal Smasher (the tornado attack that turns into a suplex if you do it close to an enemy) can be extended if you hit square just as he suplexes them into the ground. He'll do another suplex. You can do this about ten or so times.

    Just so much awesome technical stuff with every character. I love finding out new things and I've been doing it non stop for about a month now and I still haven't unlocked every characters moveset.

    Morninglord on
    (PSN: Morninglord) (Steam: Morninglord) (WiiU: Morninglord22) I like to record and toss up a lot of random gaming videos here.
  • Magic PinkMagic Pink Tur-Boner-Fed Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Ruiner999 wrote: »
    I adored this game for the time I played it. Unfortunately, I haven't given it much love lately due to getting a PS3 for the holidays.

    Still, some of the best money I've dropped for Wii thus far. I don't really know if I'd want to get it for the PS3 out of already owning two copies.

    It's pretty great on the PS3. I figured out an endless juggle combo with what's her name, the gothy princess.

    Magic Pink on
  • blaze_zeroblaze_zero Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    My record for Kanbei suplexes is like 16 I think.

    blaze_zero on
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