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Switching audio devices in Windows

SpindriftSpindrift Registered User regular
edited January 2007 in Games and Technology
I use both a headset and a set of speakers with my computer. I'd like to be able to switch between them dynamically; that is, I want audio from programs that are currently running to go to the device I specify without having to restart any of them.

The only way I see this being possible is to set up some sort of virtual output device that acts as a mixer between the real devices and using some frontend to control the routing.

Does anything like this exists?

Spindrift on


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    core tacticcore tactic Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    I thought it worked like this. Unplug headset- speakers. Plug in- Headset.


    core tactic on
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    GlalGlal AiredaleRegistered User regular
    edited January 2007
    You have a soundcard that has separate Speaker and Headhone ports? Man, I haven't seen those in a decade.

    In my case I just plug the headphones into my speakers' volume control and it'll mute them. Otherwise, you'll need to replug cables.

    Glal on
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    BahamutZEROBahamutZERO Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    I have a USB headset, and I sometimes have similar issues. With most things I can't control which sound goes where because thing just use the default device (the USB takes priority if it's plugged in), but with Winamp and Ventrillo I can choose what output to use in their options.

    BahamutZERO on
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