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Help Getting Started

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I have always been a gamer, as all of you here can say as well. When I was younger I got into the whole pokemon craze and then, with my child-like attention span, abandoned it as quickly as I had amassed my cards. Then in my teens I amassed LOTR CCG cards, only ever playing them maybe twice. But it has only been recently that I have been getting into tabletop games, RPGs, and the like. How is it that I am 22 and only found out about games like Catan and Dominion (to name a couple) a few months ago? Can I even call my days before then a life? Looking back, hardly.

Here I am, in a brand new world and needing guidance. As much as I would LOVE to get into D&D, I don't have the time to commit to it as much as I would like. Maybe one day, but right now it wouldn't be fair to me or D&D. I'm looking at maybe more of a card based RPG. I did enjoy the short spurts of CCG I played in my youth. But where do I start? What games (table-top/card-based) are suggested for starting out? Where do I go from here?

My eyes are peeled, reveal to me the way.

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