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File sharing between Windows and OSX

psyck0psyck0 Registered User regular
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I am desperate here. There are a total of ZERO useful guides about this on the net. The farthest I have got is to enable SMB sharing on my OSX account, but once I have done this, how the FUCK do I access it from Windows? Every single google result having anything to do with SMB is ridiculously technical- nowhere in the entire net, it seems, does anyone actually deign to explain what the fuck it is or how the fuck to use it. Please, someone, help me with this- I am fucking furious at the geeks of the world right now for being so goddamn useless.

Windows 7 and snow leopard for the record.

OSX is telling me that windows users can access the files at smb://myip but how the HELL do I navigate there in Windows? Firefox won't do it. I can access the Windows share from OSX, too.

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    Mr_RoseMr_Rose 83 Blue Ridge Protects the Holy Registered User regular
    edited June 2010
    Quick and (very) dirty file sharing:

    OK, so you have SMB turned on?
    Now, have you shared any folders? It should be an option in the security settings for the folder.
    When you're setting up the share, you might be able to give it a share name different to the name it has in your file system, but I don't recall how this works in OSX.

    Anyway, once you have your folder shared in OSX, you ought to be able to open Windows Explorer and go to the "Network" section; expand this and you should see the various computers on your network.
    If you don't, network discovery is probably off as this is the default; you should see a message bar at the top of the folder pane asking whether you want to turn network discovery on. Do so.
    After a few minutes of searching, it should present you with a list of computers in your network; locate your Mac and expand the tree to show the shared folder(s).

    After that, it should be a matter of double-clicking and getting into the folder, but be aware that you may need to give a user-name and password (for an account on the mac that has access permissions for the file/folder) depending on how you have configured the security on the shared folder.

    Alternately, open Windows Explorer and click on the directory tree breadcrumbs at the top to get to the text-editable folder location; in Windows, network addresses are prefixed by a double back-slash ("\\") and to get to a particular file you need to enter something like \\<computername>\<sharename>\<sub-foldeer>\<file>

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    mcdermottmcdermott Registered User regular
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    If you aren't seeing the Mac in your Windows "Network" folder, and you know you have network discovery on, check if you have the two on the same workgroup. Sometimes that fixes things.

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