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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Beach [Chat] Bingo", by Inquisitor

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Because that's some hot shit right thar.
Post: Beach [Chat] Bingo
Forum: Debate and Discourse
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Posted by: Inquisitor
Original Content:
japan wrote: »
Inquisitor wrote: »

Bad Inq

No cybering

I hold you close to me and my breath is hot on your neck. I close my eyes and our lips meet, our tongues dancing a passionate tango. My free hand probes your hard muscles before fumbling open the zipper of your pants, your quivering member issue forth from the folds of cloth. You move to speak but with a quick motion i place a finger gently over your lips. Wanting you with every ounce of my being I drop to my knees. The testicles are like an egg, and I must be careful not to crack the shell. I take your whole sack into my mouth, tonguing each ball vigorously before gagging on your hair. You never would shave for me. You dick.

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My neck, my back, my FUPA and my crack.


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