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WMP Mapped Drive Shenanigans

SixSix Fat ApolloRegistered User regular
Could use a little help here, as this one is a bit annoying. WMP under Windows 7 refuses to play media content that I have on my little NAS if it's through a mapped drive on my PC. But If I browse to them via UNC path, it works fine.

VLC plays the content fine off the mapped drive.

So, to recap:

PC -> mapped drive -> NAS

WMP fails, saying "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file." and then eventually crashes. VLC plays the file fine.

PC -> UNC path -> NAS

No problems.

I can copy the files to my desktop via the mapping as well.

Any ideas? This is only happening on one machine. From a Windows 7 VM on another machine with a drive mapped the files play fine. This is happening with both MP3s and video content.
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