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Windows + wireless + constant reminder = WTF

Locust76Locust76 Registered User regular
edited January 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
I've got Win XP SP2 and a WiFi adapter. My computer and wireless router are in the same room, separated by about 10 feet and a dinner table. My signal quality is always excellent and I don't have any throughput problems or signal dropouts that would indicate interference or signal loss.

That being said, I constantly get that fucking text bubble popping up from my WiFi connection in the taskbar that says "Wireless Network Connection is now connected" and it gives my SSID and signal strength. It pops up all the goddamn time, especially when I switch from WoW in the main monitor to a program on my secondary monitor.

Is there a way to deal with this?

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    minor threatminor threat Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    right click on the wireless icon in your system tray. go to "open network connections." right click on the icon for whatever wireless adapter you're using and select "properties." uncheck both the boxes at the bottom of the dialogue box ("notify when connected" and "limited connectivity").

    that should work.

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