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I'm not terribly active around these parts, but I lurk a good bit, and figured at least some of you people might enjoy this, if not want to actually join. If this is in the wrong place or if it's against the rules, please delete or lock if admins deem necessary. (I checked the rules just to be sure, so I think I'm safe here!)

Entervoid is a website for aspiring comic artists to get together, get critiques, and fight their characters against each other. I'm sure at least some of you know about this website. However, their doing a Newbie invitational right now, which is a tournament for anyone who wants to get in to not have to get as much stuff put together to be accepted.

Even if any of you guys don't want to partake in the tournament, there looks to be quite a few great talents joining in, so it should serve as good reading nonetheless.

Hope you all enjoy!

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