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Job Interview - Educational Technology Designer

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I have an job interview with a local university for a Educational Technology Designer position.

This is the job description:

"Responsible for the research, design, development and/or integration of complex learner-centered designs for educational technology solutions. Responsibilities include complex human factors engineering, heuristic evaluations and usability testing for educational technology solutions as well as metrics, setting and monitoring designed to assess the usability of the educational technology solutions. Works to improve the usability, usefulness, and desirability of complex educational technology solutions in collaboration with faculty, multimedia developers, graphic designers, and other educational technologists. Must be able to perform complex usability tests, provide design prototypes and provide ad hoc consulting and support to faculty. "

I was wondering if any of you had any knowledge of what sort of questions they'll ask me, related to this or similar positions. Also, any general interviewing tips would be much appreciated. I've had a decent amount of successful interviews but not very many at the level this job is at.

Thanks, guys!

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