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Landlord the cause of my high electricity bill -- what do I do?

CognisseurCognisseur Registered User
edited July 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So I posted a while back about how my electricity bill was MUCH higher than I expected the last couple months and I didn't know what to do about it. Theoretically, the AC in my apartment, which is central air, is paid for by the owner who we lease from, and we only have to pay for the little fan that blows the air into the room. The lease even states that specifically.

However, I was kind of skeptical because the bill skyrocketed right as summer began and I started using AC. Also, my landlord felt this wasn't the case because he thought the AC ran entirely off water, not electricity, which sounded bizarre to me. So I finally got in contact with the building owner and had him open the electricity meter room for me so I could run some tests.

I measured my meter, then timed for 60 seconds, then measured again. I did this for a bunch of scenarios but the most important ones being nothing but my appliances, appliances + fan, and appliances + fan + AC.

Appliances: meter moved 40 (not kWh but not sure what it actually is either...)
Apps + Fan: meter moved 85 (85 - 40 = 45 for fan)
Apps + Fan + AC: meter moved 390 (390 - 45 - 40 = 295 for the AC alone)
That's a HUGE amount it seems, since in contrast my PC only used 35 during that one minute, and my 8 ceiling floodlights in my living room used 65).

So I sent an email to the owner of my apartment the results of my test (he knew I was going to do it and was supportive of it), but now I'm not sure what else I should do. He's generally a very cool owner but I've learned enough from H/A to know I shouldn't take any chances.

So how do I proceed from here? What should occur in general-- will he reimburse me for part of my electricity bill for the last few months? How does that get calculated?

Cognisseur on


  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    edited July 2010
    That's kind of weird that he pays for the AC but you pay for the fan. If the lease says that, well, then, average your electricity use before the summer months, and subtract that from the new costs of the AC, then it looks like, what, take another 25% off of that electricity that he should be paying for to account for the fan?

    Submit that to him, or ask if you can just take it off your rent with submitting paperwork.

    I mean hell if it's in your lease there's not much he can do about it besides bitch and moan and not let you renew it.

    bowen on
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