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[Savage Worlds/Deadlands Reloaded] Gaming on Google Wave- any interest?

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I work from home on a night shift that doesn't really occupy my whole attention, and so I am quite bored.

I'm thinking of running some sort of game- Deadlands Reloaded has my attention at the moment- during this time. I work from midnight to 6:00 AM EST. This is NOT going to be a play by post game; I hate those and flake out in days. This would be in real time- we'd all log onto the wave (or IRC chat, whatever) at the same time and play. I work all week, so I'm flexible on which day we choose to meet. I would prefer to meet regularly on the same day, but given how fluid my schedule is some sort of alternate arrangement could be made.

For those who don't know, Savage Worlds is a quick & dirty system designed to be flexible, quick to play, and easy to learn. Deadlands Reloaded is best described as a western horror steampunk game. Basically, sometime around the battle of Gettysburg some Big Damn Weird Mystery Thing happens and Weirdness starts to appear all over; most people are unaware of the supernatural directly, but the world is a very strange place. There's all kinds of steampunk technology being invented, the Confederacy is still intact, the civil war is still going, a massive earthquake shattered Southern California, and a new miraculous material called 'Ghost Rock' has appeared all over the place with all kinds of applications. Character types include standard western-types like bounty hunters, gunslingers, US Marshals, Pinkerton agents, Texas Rangers, outlaws, bandits, prospectors, saloon gals, cowboys, indian brains, etc, and weird stuff like preachers who can actually work miracles, gamblers who play poker with demons for power, mad scientists, indian shamans, and Chinese practitioners of mystical martial arts. One way to describe the game is if Clint Eastwood's character in "Pale Rider" was actually a vengeful ghost back from the dead, rather than just implied to be one.

Players would need to know the Savage Worlds rules (the Explorer's Edition is the best- and quite cheap, especially on PDF) and ideally have the Deadlands Player's Guide (second printing is preferred, also quite cheap) though I can walk you through the Deadlands-specific stuff if necessary, so don't get all stressed out if you don't have it.

If you don't have the Savage Worlds rulebook, the "Test Drive" rules available from is a basic introduction to the system that should serve you well enough.

Lemme know by PM if you're interested.

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    Professor PhobosProfessor Phobos Registered User regular
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    Huh. Expected more turnout than 0.

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