Capsized Comic (Now with Colours!)

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Just finished the storyboard for the comic "cutscenes" for my game, Capsized. Obviously very rough, but I want to see if you guys can read them alright.

Each cutscene happens at the start of each level (as a loading screen), and some at the end of levels (as a stat screen). I'll try to explain what the player is doing in the level between cutscenes so you folks can get the gist of the flow.

Spoilered roughs for V scroll

For those who haven't seen it, here's how the story kicks off:

Level 01
A tutorial level giving the player a chance to experiment with the controls. Player has to reach the end of the level.

Level 02
Player must reach the end of the level, where they discover an abandoned escape pod.

Level 03
Player enters an alien village to find his crewmate inside.

Not good results.

Level 04
Player must search the level and destroy a number of alien statues that are interfering with the signal.

Level 05
Player must rescue 3 captured crewmates.


Level 06
Player must kill all tribals in the level, including 3 minibosses.


Level 07
Player enters alien ruins and must reach the end of the level.

Level 08
Player must find his way out of the alien ruins to the surface.


Level 09
Player must drag 3 machine parts back to his crewmates.

Level 10
Player must collect all the power cells in the level.


Level 11
Player must destroy all the alien statues in the level


Level 12
Player must destroy the two alien bosses





If you really want to help me out, write out what you think is happening in each cutscene. I'll see how close you guys are and what doesn't make sense.

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    Level 01: An escape pod crashes, the door pops open and a man in a space suit emerges.

    Level 02: The man's suit displays a message from a friend on his HUD, the man begins talking, and then is cut short by the alien attacking him.

    Level 03: The man hides behind a nearby rock, looking towards a cave entrance?

    Level 03(2): The man, discouraged, looks at his crewmate dead on an alien's table.

    Level 04: He takes a bloodied device off of the body of his fallen crewmate, sees there is no signal on the device, and exits the cave.

    Level 05: The man stands in front of smoldering debris, realizing he now has a signal. He sees 3 blips on the screen.

    Level 05(2): It's not clear who the protagonist is, but I assume it would be more obvious after playing the level. Once-separated crewmates happily greet each other, one lifting his friend off of the ground.

    Level 06: A shot is shown of two aliens on patrol. The group of survivors walk up behind the aliens, and a man tells the others to slow down and be quiet. They carefully and hesitantly follow the aliens.

    Level 06(2): A man signals his comrade to come and see what appears to be a part from the crashed ship. The screen shows that the antennae vital to the functioning of the machine has been disconnected.

    Level 07: This one is a bit confusing. The man looks at the device he retrieved earlier, which displays an X (to indicate the ruins?) and an exclamation point (to mark his destination?) One man hands another a glowing disk. He points him towards the ruin entrance, seemingly telling him that he must enter it.

    Level 08: The man is seen inside the cave, hastily looking for the exit, with his gun issuing forth a light.

    Level 08(2): The man returns to the site of the machine out of breath, holding the blue disc, which is now glowing. He sets it down and steps away, and it creates a blue glow around the men and the large machine. The other men thank him and welcome him back.

    Level 09: The man leaves to find more parts, as his friends begin work on the machine. One man is seen welding.

    Level 10: The machine, now fixed, displays a message indicating that they do not have sufficient power. The men are clearly unhappy, one throwing his hands in the air in disbelief, and the other rolling his eyes.

    Level 10(2): The machine, now fully powered, begins transmitting a signal to a ship in outer space. The men are seen on the display of the ship, happy to see they have made contact.

    Level 11: We again see the crewmates talking to the man in the ship, but the connection is lost due to interference. The survivors are all very unhappy.

    Level 11(2): The rescuers' spaceship is now seen in the orbit of the alien planet (though it doesn't appear to be headed towards the surface).

    Level 12: 2 survivors spot the ship headed their way, and one of the two informs his crewmates. A foreign laser is seen shooting from the surface, and appears to be a tractor beam holding the ship in place.

    Level 12(2): The source of the tractor beam now destroyed, the men head to board the ship.

    Credits 1: Several of the crewmates remove their heavy equipment, very relieved. The protagonist shakes the ship captain's hand.

    Credits 2: The man looks through the window of the ship with an intent stare, watching as they leave the planet for good.

    Credits 3: The man gets some much needed rest, and we see the planet slowly getting smaller through the window.

    I really enjoyed looking at them, and I hope this helped! I can't wait to see the final results.

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  • lyriumlyrium Registered User regular
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    01: The escape pod lands on the nearby planet and a lone escapee emerges.

    02: In the surface of his suit he sees an emergency message from one of his fellow spacemen, who is being attacked by aliens.

    03: You (the spaceman) have found a menacing cave where the aliens have probably taken your friend.

    03: After spending some time fighting through the cave, you have found your friend (killed by aliens).

    04: You find your friend's device. There is no signal so you leave the cave to solve that problem.

    05: You are standing in front of a destroyed thing, which you probably destroyed because your weapon is drawn. For some reason now the device works, and you see the location of three others.

    05: You have collected the others and have formed a team. Everyone is feeling better.

    06: Meanwhile, the aliens are still a threat, and the team moves carefully around while shooting them down.

    06: While traveling the team finds a somewhat busted communication device from their ship.

    07: This one is the most confusing for me. His device says there is something interesting nearby, but I don't know what the X indicates- possibly the broken thing they just found? They have a disc that they need to bring to the interesting point for some reason. I don't know what it does or if they just found it. It looks like the interesting place is inside another alien structure.

    08: You are traveling through the alien place.

    08: This looks like one of two things for me. It could be that the disc is letting you see the rest of your team from another location. Or, for some reason he was able to power up the disc in the ruins, and now he can use it as a force field to protect his team mates. While the latter seems like a more likely scenario, the first seems possible because we can't see any sign of your team until the third panel.

    09: It was probably a force field because now it looks like you are leaving your team while they work on fixing the thing.

    10: You are back with the team, and the thing looks like it will work if it has more power.

    10: The thing works now and you manage to make contact with a man on another ship.

    11: All of a sudden the connection cuts out and you are really pissed.

    11: The ship is still there, heading towards the planet you are on.

    12: The ship approaches you but is suddenly caught in a couple of beams of some sort.

    12: The ship has landed safely and you all run to be rescued.

    The rest: Everyone is happily on the ship and you fly away from the planet.

    I really really really love how round they are in their little suits.

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    not surprisingly, the most challenging portion to plan, is the most confusing part to read!

    thanks for the comments guys, ill let you know what my intent was when a few more people post.

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  • winter_combat_knightwinter_combat_knight Registered User regular
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    Most of these where pretty straight forward to read in regards to the action. But the narrative is a bit confusing. Heres my initial thoughts on each picture. Probably wont help much

    1. Space ship crashes on a planet, dude crawls out
    2. Incoming alert, soldier requests for help, gonna get killed (and eaten?) by aliens. DEAD.
    3. main character finds a camp or some sort. What will he do? I assume hes going in.
    4. Finds his best mate dead. What are the skulls? Human skulls? Do they hunt humans? Interesting...
    5. Picks up his mates walkie-talkie but can’t get a good signal
    6. Searches alien town/village for his missing crewmates. Green dots equal good guys.
    7. Everyone is happy and hugs. No time to party, we aren’t out of trouble yet!
    8. Oh shit! Lets get out of here!!! Characters blast the crap out of the tribal cult and run for their lives
    9. I don’t know whats going on here. Are they in their ship, or are they in the alien village?
    10. Still a little confused. Entering an old mine shaft, or ruined city?
    11. Exploring the mine shaft. Nice composition !
    12. Insert power thing. Its working!
    13. Crewmate fixes machines while others go to fight enemies and recover missing parts.
    14. Machine still isn’t working! Go find the right parts! We done have much time!
    15. Success, signal has been sent. Help is on the way!
    16. Signal is out. Dammit.
    17. 17. Alien spacecraft in atmosphere, or human spacecraft?
    Reunited with fellow comrads.

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    can i post the video as a teaser on my website? ?

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  • McGibsMcGibs TorontoRegistered User regular
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    ... yesplz

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    These all make enough sense to me from what I imagine they entail from a game point of view. i.e. I understand I need to collect a bunch of stuff, or kill some baddies, or find a location.

    One thing which might be handy is to differentiate the escape pods (perhaps POD1 and POD2, or A & B, or whatever) as the characters (and obviously pods) look very similar. Initially I wasn't sure if the 2nd cutscene was someone else watching the first guy emerge from his pod and get chased by Aliens.

    Simply labling the pods will make it clearer that it's a second pod.

    Great work so far!

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    Hey Gibs, did you get my PM?

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  • McGibsMcGibs TorontoRegistered User regular
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    Starting to crank these out over the next few days!


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  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
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    Are you planning to make any changes as you go along, or it is staying the same, gibs? Either way, love the colors!

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  • mullymully Registered User regular
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    you amaze me
    you should put a webcam on your workspace so we can see if you ever ever leave it

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  • winter_combat_knightwinter_combat_knight Registered User regular
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    Are his ships rocket engines still switched on? Generally if an aircraft crash lands its due to engine failure. The blue flame kinda gives the impression that his engines are working and he's trying to drive the ship straight through the planets surface. I think maybe a black smokey effect would work better. Thats my only beef.

    Otherwise, as usual your drawings and colour are kickass! Can't wait to see the rest.

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  • bombardierbombardier Moderator mod
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    Come on Gibs, how can you not understand rocket propulsion basics?!

    bombardier on
  • McGibsMcGibs TorontoRegistered User regular
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    Black smoke implies some kind of primitive fossil fuel engine. And it's an escape pod, it's supposed to crash land.
    But in all honesty, I think in the context of the intro video, and first level (where the pod is planted firmly in the ground) no one will be confused.

    @ruka: I think i'll add the label of "Teleporter" to that blue disc thing, if not find a better way to comunicate that whole sequence. I'll figure that out when I get there.

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  • GrennGrenn Registered User
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    A great start. Looking forward to the rest.

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  • Jake!Jake! Registered User regular
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    Nothing constructive to add, but I'd play this for the sheer joy of discovery, and you can't say that about most games these days.

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  • Stupid Mr Whoopsie NameStupid Mr Whoopsie Name Registered User, ClubPA regular
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    Absolutely stunning. Can't wait until you get to "Destroy Pursuers"

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    Next up:

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