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[Let's Play] Paradox Succession Game: Charlemagne's Heirs! The Thread Lives!



  • President RexPresident Rex Registered User regular
    So here's a tentative v1.05 in 7z format (and here in slow-loading zip form) it'd probably best with some playtesting (although there is a chain of events that essentially depends on the current in-game state). I'm probably also forgetting some simple fixes. At the very least the whole gamut of ridiculous technology-related things for getting to machine parts should be in there.

    I'd make it available in a more ubiquitous RAR format if I hadn't neglected not to install the proper software for that.

  • ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular
    Zedar wrote:
    They are heretics, following their corrupted coptic version of christianity.

    OOC: Have we ever actually had a "Screw the Copts / Orthodox" period in our history? I feel like, historically, the world's been pretty chill about the Latin / Orthodox split. We never had a crusade on Constantinople, ferinstance.

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    The Disappearance of Inigo Sharpe: Tomas à Dunsanin
  • ZedarZedar Registered User regular

    Thomas II Part 1: Wherein His Majesty Proves Much Better at War Than the Council (1654 - 1667)
    Thomas's reign starts out peacefully enough, with his majesty pursuing a long cherished goal of establishing cordial relations with the nation of Castille. To this end, expensive gifts are purchased and the appropriate officials are bribed.

    His Majesty combines two of Vermandois's armies into one grand Army von Valois (he thought the german von would make it sound that much more martial), and appoints himself field marshal.

    He also hears reports about some kind of new tax or something, but doesn't pay it too much heed. He has troops to inspect.

    The copt scum rise up against the authorities in Franche-Comte, but the grand army quickly puts an end to that.

    No sooner has the king achieved his goal of befriending Castille than he immediately seizes on some dubious historical documents and declares that we must go to war with Switzerland at once. Nobody is quite sure what to make of this, but the army is prepared just in case. More alarming still, Switzerland is part of the so called holy roman empire, and AUstria remains it's powerful Emperor. We really want to avoid a war with them.

    The king's two pet projects, Switzerland and Egypt,, are both potentially dangerous ventures. Switzerland is protected by AUstria and Egypt allied with Castille. Luckily the king has no shortage of sisters and tries to make it very awkward for them to honor their commitments.

    Seeing that the king is completely uninterested in affairs of state besides international politics, the council decides it is time to establish a proper governing body to take care of affairs in his absence. They confront the king with their demands, and find him surprisingly agreeable upon learning that he would remain titular head of the armed forces.

    He is quickly distracted from these complicated affairs though, when his master shipbuilder shows him a fancy new boat he has constructed. The king orders a dozen of them built to help defend against the Castillian threat in the event of an Egyptian war.

    All thoughts of Egypt are soon pushed aside though, as Scotland goes to war with Songhai (which borders its new colonial territories), and Vermandois is honorbound to come to their aid. The war is a very one sided affair.

    Unfortunately the dubious legality of Scotlands declaration of war and the questionable value of any military exercies in such a far away place lead to unrest among the people, and revolts arise in some of the colonies and there is much discontent at home.

    These are eventually put down, but it is clearly time to put an end to the african war. To this end a peace is negotiated and harsh reparations demanded of the Songhai people.

    Unrest continues and rebellions spring up periodically, force the king to put aside any dreams of conquest for the time being until the realm has settled down. Meanwhile courthouses are built where they are lacking to help keep criminals in their place.

    Parliament votes to remove the remaining constraints on the conduct of trade in the realm and free trade is the order of the day.

    Austria is by this stage engaged in a prolonged and hard fought war with Byzantium, such that the government considers it a perfect opportunity to embark on the king's Swiss adventure when there is little chance of any real retaliation from the emperor. As predicted, no reprisals are forthcoming and the war is quickly decided in our favour. Bern joins the realm.

    However we will never forget the treachery of our northern "allies". After we freed them from English tyranny and helped them in their foreign wars, they spit in our eye when we ask their help.

    Wurtemberg to the east shows signs of becoming a new power, and parliament takes steps to esablish good relations, with an eye to forming a strong eastern alliance to help defend that border like Catalunya does to the south.

    Important news arrives from the Iberian peninsular. Apparently the royal families of Portugal and Leon have joined entirely and Portugal is now part of a now fomidable Leon.

    Parliament meanwhile proves its worth by establishing a new order allowing for greater administrative efficiency.

    Meanwhile a quiet diplomatic campaign has finally paid dividends, and Trier has agreed to a formal annexation into the mighty realm of Vermandois. The diplomats responsible are relocated to Cleves, hoping they can repeat their success.

    A surprising overture from the east renders all considrations of Wurtemberg secondary. A weakened Austria, looking to regain some of its lost glory, reached out a hand of friendship towards Vermandois and the nations pledge to each others defence.

    Songhai apprently holds a grudge, and their hopeless spies are repeatedly discovered stirring up trouble. The king considers the feeble nation not worth the trouble of crushing, and they are ignored for the time being.

    Austria's fall from grace is confirmed as they lose the imperial crown. Prussia and the Netherlands both press their claims to be the pre-eminent power in the empire, but in the end a compromise candidate is accepted until a more permanent solution can be found.

    And then Egypt makes a move to expand its European holdings, and the time for conflict has clearly come. Castille, enagaged in too many wars already, abandons their ally when the declaration of war arrives.

    The king himself leads the army into Egyptian soil and the war is quickly brought to a close, with new independent states established in what had been Egyptian lands.

    And perhaps the sweetest part to complete the victory over the Egyptians is the final conversion of the copts in Franche-Comte, which joins the rest of the realm in true christianity.
    Not an ideal result in the egyptian war as we just traded one strong state for two weak ones, but we had to make do with the casus belli we had. They should be easy targets in the future anyway.

  • ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular

    Steam: Elvenshae // PSN: Elvenshae // WotC: Elvenshae
    The Disappearance of Inigo Sharpe: Tomas à Dunsanin
  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    Yay Constitutional Monarchy! That's the right thing to do!

    Herbert Hoover got 40% of the vote in 1932. Friendly reminder.
  • ZedarZedar Registered User regular
    edited November 2011
    We're one government tech level away from being able to enact it the normal way, so it was probably gonna happen either way anyway.

    Edit: Wow I screwed up lot of the images up there, I'll try to fix them when I get home :)

    Zedar on
  • President RexPresident Rex Registered User regular
    edited November 2011
    Not that it has much of an effect, but I'll point out that there was the possibility of us getting a unicameral legislature.

    Also not that that really matters if I haven't managed to fix the government-related switchbacks.


    Also, my post is apparently ridiculously too long, so I'm arbitrarily moving the other national ideas list into this random post, never to be found again.

    But at least the link to 1.05 is on the first page now.

    For National Ideas in EU3
    National Ideas

    If you're looking for spreadsheet style listings, try the EU3 wiki here.
    Press Gangs
    • All ship building and maintenance costs are halved.
    • Forcelimits increased by 5%
    "Life at sea is hard and unforgiving and not everyone is keen on a career in the Navy. By legalising the impressment of men of seafaring habits, it will be easier to crew our ships speeding up the process of commissioning ships."

    Grand Navy
    • Doubles naval forcelimits
    • Big ship building and maintenance 5% cheaper
    • Naval technology 5% cheaper to research
    "Allows us to create one of the largest and most powerful fleets the world has ever seen."

    Sea Hawks
    • +1% annual naval tradition
    • Naval attrition reduced by 5%
    • Blockades 5% more efficient
    • Range increased 5%
    • Allows Enlist Privateers military decision
    "Allows us to focus heavily on military advancements and thereby increase our naval tradition."

    Superior Seamanship
    "Enables us to transform our fleet into a supreme naval force with high-class vessels and highly skilled captains and sailors."

    Practically allows navies to recover faster from combat, allowing them to engage other navies more often. The small morale boost may allow them to withstand a superior force slightly better, as well.

    This idea now provides the largest range boost aside from Quest for the New World.

    Naval Glory
    • Doubles prestige gained from naval battles
    • +0.25% Naval tradition per year
    • +0.5% Cultural tradition per year
    "The sight of our glorious and prestigious navy will make all adversaries tremble in fear."

    Allows naval powers to gain more prestige from naval combat. Some decisions and events are based off of prestige, but the higher prestige is the faster it declines. So this idea now also provides tradition bonuses due to the country's focus on emphasizing their navy.

    Excellent Shipwrights - Requires naval technology level 7
    • +2 leader naval maneuver
    • Naval attrition reduced by 10%
    "By gathering the best shipbuilders our nation has to offer, we are able to build us a fleet of modern vessels unmatched in craftsmanship and manoeuvrability."

    Has some combat effect (more in DW that we're not using), but also increases movement speed. Also increases explorers' chances of discovering adjacent coastal provinces. Also allows ships to stay out at sea longer.
    Grand Army
    • +33% land forcelimits
    • Land technology research is 5% cheaper
    • Infantry 10% cheaper
    • Artillery 5% cheaper
    • 5% more manpower
    "Allows us to create one of the largest and most powerful armies the world has ever seen."

    Lets a country field a larger army without paying the increased costs for going over forcelimits. Forcelimits are calculated from the base taxes in all of a country's provinces, making the forcelimit bonus only really useful for small countries that are rich (from production or trade).

    Small bonuses in many military fields represent the country's focus on developing and supporting a larger army.

    Military Drill
    • +1 land morale
    • Discipline increases 5%
    • Regiments reinforce 5% faster
    "Allows us to invest in military training and thereby improve battle formations, weapon handling and boost the morale of our army."

    Morale for land forces tends to be more important than for naval forces, making this more useful than its naval analogue, Superior Seamanship. This increases land morale, which allows soldiers to stay in formation longer.

    Engineer Corps
    • +1 leader siege
    • Buildings 5% cheaper
    • +5% fort defensiveness
    "Allows us to gather the greatest minds our nation has to offer in the area of military technology and make use of their unrivalled services."

    This is a country's attempt to integrate a Corps of Engineers into its military - dedicated fortifications and logistical assistance in wartime, and manpower for building and maintaining infrastructure in peacetime. The French, English and Prussians all had pioneers to assist with field fortifications or demolitions.

    A dedicated engineer force also helps in civil construction projects and increasing fortification effectiveness.

    Battlefield Commissions
    • +1% annual army tradition
    • +0.05 leader shock
    • War exhaustion reduces 1% faster
    "Allows us to focus heavily on military advancements and thereby increase our army tradition."

    “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.”
    -Napoleon Bonaparte - July 15, 1815

    Lets a country maintain higher tradition, allowing the recruitment of better military leaders (like the naval equivalent Sea Hawks). Comissions also drive soldiers to fight harder and with more spirit, reducing exhaustion and increasing the impact on enemy forces.

    Glorious Arms
    • Doubles prestige from land battles
    • +0.15% army tradition per year
    • +0.5% cultural tradition per year
    "The sight of our glorious and prestigious army will make all adversaries tremble in fear."

    Like the naval equivalent, Naval Glory. This time with people on land.

    National Conscripts - Requries land technology level 7
    • 50% more manpower
    • Infantry 5% cheaper
    • Reduces discipline 5%
    • Reduces land morale by 0.05
    "Increases our military numbers by making it compulsory for men to enrol for military service."

    Essentially the adoption of conscription for lots of cheap manpower. Good for small countries because they'll have more manpower to work with...good for large countries because they'll have more manpower to work with (...and can partially negate war exhaustion by having huge manpower reserves).
    Land of Opportunity
    • Colonies grow 20% faster
    • Colonial undertakings 10% cheaper
    • +0.05 colonists per year
    • Enables the Colonial Expansion decision
    "By portraying colonial lands as new virgin territory where any man can make his fortune, possibly some women too, people will emigrate quicker to the colonies. Meaning the nation will have spent less money encouraging people to go there."

    The non-exploratory colonial option. If a country has adjacent empty land this idea will let them plant their few scarce colonists and let the colonists' libidoes do the rest.

    Merchant Adventures
    • Cost of sending merchants is halved
    • Additional 0.25 merchants per year
    • +3% trade efficiency
    • Enables Merchant Shipping Act decision
    "Allows us to make use of the numerous traders lusting for fame and fortune, eager to offer their services for a chance to search and explore new trade routes."

    Lets a country send merchants for less money, increasing the number of merchants willing to go abroad. Support from the state also allows them to entrench themselves better.

    Colonial Ventures - Requires trade technology level 16
    • +0.80 colonists per year
    • Colonist placement is 5% more likely to succeed
    • Overseas income increased by 5%
    • Enables the Colonial Expansion decision
    "Enables us to send more Colonists to uncharted lands."

    Colonial aspirations intent on making use of newly discovered lands. This is the national idea best for providing additional colonists, but also makes them more likely to succeed abroad.

    As in vanilla EU3, this decision also substantially increases the chances of getting the event that can give you 5 free colonists.

    Shrewd Commerce Practices
    "Allows us to make use of more refined trading practices giving our merchants the upper hand over our competitors."

    Good for small nations with little infamy or high merchantilism (and less chance of being removed from a Center of Trade). Works well with the National Trade Policy idea, which lets merchants bring in more money. Also lets this country's merchants more easily break up monopolies.

    Support from the state in Machiavellian trade practice also increase the chance merchants will be able to worm their way into centers of trade.

    Vice Roys
    • +25% tariffs
    • +5% overseas income
    "Makes it possible for us to establish Viceroys and thereby improve the administration of our Colonies and increase the amount of money they generate."

    Lets a colony owner actually receive more of a colony's wealth. A viceroy is an official who runs a colonial (or distant provincal) region in the name of the monarch. In essence they are the rulers of a colonial region that made sure distant regions followed the homeland's government...but in game they just get you more money.

    Quest for the New World - Requires trade technology level 11
    • Allows the recruitment of conquistadors and explorers (for discovering terra incognita)
    • Colonial range extended 50%
    "Allows us to join the number of nations set to explore the world outside of their borders or strive to be the first nation to circumnavigate the world by commencing a quest for the new world."

    Allows the country to discover land to colonize, send merchants abroad, and circumnavigate the world. Since most colonizing happens overseas it also greatly increases colonial range.
    • +20% spy defense
    • Spies 15% cheaper
    • Spies 5% more efficient
    "With so many offices for profit, we sometimes find that those who run our administration are susceptible to bribes from foreign powers. A few simple background checks will weed out the most likely."

    Helps prevent enemy spy missions from succeeding. Cheaper, more efficient spies make spy missions less expensive and more likely to succeed.

    • +7.5% census tax income
    • +0.25 officials (magistrates) per year
    • Advisors 15% cheaper
    "Allows us to increase our tax revenues by adopting a more bureaucratic administrative system governed by state officials."

    This idea increases money from census taxes by 5% (i.e. province base taxes), but doesn't affect trade or production taxes or tariffs. As such, it's more useful in the early game when the majority of taxes come from province base tax rates. It also makes advisors a bit cheaper (particularly useful for smaller nations that can barely afford to have them hold office) and helps countries accrue officials.

    National Bank
    • -0.1% inflation
    • 2% lower interest rates
    "By establishing a central authority for financial matters, we will have better control over our nation's economy."

    One of the major sources of inflation reduction. This is the go-to "I don't know what to pick!" idea. It lets you attempt to reduce inflation, or maintain 0 inflation while printing a decent amount of money. If you like to rack up loans the interest rate reduction may also help.

    National Trade Policy
    "By adopting a national trade policy, we can strengthen our commercial presence and increase the effectiveness of our trade."

    Increases revenue from merchants placed in COTs. As a side benefit, trade efficiency also increases merchant compete chance. This is like a 10 level jump in trade technology.

    • +1.00 spies per year
    • +15% spy efficiency
    • Enables new spy missions
    "Allows us to train more spies and thereby increase our chances of obtaining political and military information about our enemies."

    The only way for many governments to actually get spies. Plutocratic and mercantile countries get spies, anyone else that wants spies gets to pick this idea. Gives more spy missions and makes them more likely to succeed.

    Bill of Rights - Requires production technology level 7
    • -1.5 revolt risk in every province
    • Stability investments 5% cheaper
    • Free Liberation casus belli on any country with a vassal
    "By granting the citizens certain fundamental rights, we reduce the likelihood of a peasant uprising."

    Slight reduction in revolt risk, which can be useful if a country has a bunch of heathen and heretic provinces, nationalism or roving rebels. The population's adoption of fundamental human rights also makes it easier to maintain stability. As a side benefit, the idea also gives this country CBs to liberate vassals from any country that can vassalize countries and has at least one vassal already.

    Through much of EU3's timeframe culture and religion were nearly synonymous, which is why - despite the game listing this group as 'Culture' - many of these seem to focus on religion.

    • +3 tolerance of heretics (provinces with different religions in the same religion group)
    • -5% stability cost
    • -2.5% Papal influence
    "The problem with how to deal with heretics in the realm is always difficult. Although the good old-fashioned fire and sword approach will solve most problems eventually, diplomacy can also succeed. By encouraging dialogue between the various sects we can reduce misunderstanding and promote peace in the realm."

    It increases tolerance for other religions in the same religion group (heretics); it also slightly decreases papal influence.

    For innovative countries it's an alternative to using missionaries to convert the various heretics they may have in their lands. As a side effect, it decreases the chances of the cultural assimilation event (which gives a province your primary culture).

    Church Attendance Duty
    • -33% stability cost
    • +10 gold invested in stability
    • +2% missionary placement chance
    • +5% Papal influence
    • Enables Witchcraft Act religious decision
    • Enables Gilded Icons cultural decision (+3 cultural tradition)
    • Decreases chance of Reformation spreading to owned provinces
    "By adopting a mandatory church attendance policy, the emphasis on religious values and beliefs will unquestionably minimize the costs of maintaining law and order."

    Going to church is mandatory in this country. Lowers stability costs, which is really only important for countries attacking without CBs, or which have a very difficult time investing in stability (large poor nations). Also makes it easier to convert provinces.

    Has a variety of religion-related effects, including curtailing the spread of the Reformation.

    Divine Supremacy
    • 0.5 missionaries per year
    • +7.5% Papal influence
    • Gives 'Holy War' casus belli against any country with a state religion in a different religion group
    • Decreases chance of Reformation spreading to owned provinces
    "It is of the utmost importance that we rid our nation and its surrounding borders from the infidels pestering our lands."

    A means of getting more missionaries, or getting (slightly) closer to the pope. It can be used to have a positive number of missionaries in innovative countries. Like the Church Attendance Duty above, Divine Supermacy also decreases the chance of the Reformation spreading to the owner's provinces. It also affects some far eastern religious decisions.

    Patron of the Arts
    • +3% Cultural Tradition
    • +0.5 prestige per year
    • +0.25 officials (magistrates) per year
    • Enables or increases the chances of positive cultural events
    "Our quest towards a culturally cultivated society begins here. Our artistic wonders will go down in history as the most marvellous of this era."

    This is an alternative for taking Church Attendance Duty and its Gilded Icons decision. It basically trades the 33% stability cost reduction for officials (magisters) and a slight prestige boost. And a bunch of events that can give you prestige and slider moves - plus a much more useful event that can build a university or fine arts academy for 500 gold.

    Unam Sanctum
    • Gives 'Purging of Heresy' casus belli against any country without the same state religion
    • Gives 'Holy War' casus belli against any country with a state religion in a different religion group
    • Missionaries are 20% cheaper
    • +5% Papal influence
    • If Catholic slows spread of Reformation; if Protestant or Reformed, speeds the spread of the Reformation
    "'Therefore, of the one and only Church there is one body and one head, not two heads like a monster.'\n- Pope Boniface VIII"

    This idea references Pope Boniface VIII's unam sanctum Papal bull, which established dogma for the necessity of a unified Catholic church (hence unam sancum, "one holy [church]"). He was talking about Catholicism, but any country can use this in an attempt to paint the world in their religious ideology.

    In-game it lets a country declare war on any country with a different religion (separate CBs for heretics and heathens).

    Humanist Tolerance - Requires government technology level 7
    • +2 tolerance for heathens (provinces with different religions in a different religion group)
    • -0.5% revolt risk in all provinces
    • -5% Papal influence
    • Enables Benign Neglect decision
    • Enables various events that change province religions
    "By striving towards a more tolerant society and making attempts at solving our social and religious problems in more rational ways, the risk of civil disorder will diminish."

    Basically the same as Ecumenism, except for heathens instead. Useful for countries that hold a bunch of heathen land. Brotherly love between everyone also results in slightly less revolt risk.

    President Rex on
  • ZedarZedar Registered User regular
    edited November 2011
    Upgraded to 1.05 now that I noticed it exists, and it immediately triggered the "Whispers of pretenders" event for what looks like very nation out there. Probably not the end of the world, but I don't think that was supposed to happen :)

    Update: It's triggering daily for every nation. Probably a bad thing.

    Further update: And if I change back to 1.04 I get an event to say we've moved out of feudalism into an admin monarchy. I guess I'll hold off and wait for a fixed mod if possible? Or I could just stick with 1.04 and revert to const monarchy after the event I guess.

    Zedar on
  • President RexPresident Rex Registered User regular
    edited November 2011
    [edit] Actually, never mind, it's so small that I fixed it before work. Here's a v1.05a

    I can fix those tonight.

    The repeating event is missing an "only". The administrative monarchy event was fixed in the very small 1.04a, but that is buried on some random page.

    President Rex on
  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    When that event pops up, don't click on anything, save the game, exit and reload. That's how I avoided reverting to admin monarchy every decade in my game

    Magic Box
    Academician Prokhor "Phyphor" Zakharov, Chief Scientist of China, Provost of the University of Planet - SE++ Megagame
  • ZedarZedar Registered User regular
    Thomas II Part 2 - Expansion and Revenge (1667 - 1678)
    For the next few years the King is content to survey his lands and let events proceed at their own pace. Our neighbours continue to squabble amongst themselves, but this makes little difference.

    New discoveries are made, and there is much debate of the potential for changing the banking system before it is decided that the current system works well enough.

    Our new ally Savoy decides to take Liguria from the nation of Genoa, and we are honor bound to help them. Our participation involves little more than mopping up some rebels, but we remain a dutiful ally. The war is short and before long Genoa is no more, and Savoy is one province the larger.

    Norway's ascendancy over the empire seems like it will be a short lived thing. It is forced into a series of humiliating concessions in wars, and its votes move to one of the victors.

    The diplomats we placed in Cleves prove that they are worth their weight in gold, as they convince that state also that their destiny is to be part of the glorious nation of Vermandois. Another of our traditional lands is once more part of the realm.

    Songhai for some reason persists in holding some kind of petty grudge against us, so we are forced to exact reprisals. A quick war is fought and a gold rich province is taken to teach the heathens a lesson (and take away the money they use to buy all those spies)

    But apparently some people never learn.

    Relations with Savoy, which had been friendly, sour over a petty border dispute which rapidly turns into a feud. The alliance is cancelled and war immediately declared.

    Traditional Carolingian land is taken from them as is only right, and we force them back to the path of righteousness. A short and glorious war which brings much honour to the name of Thomas II.

    A comet is sighted in the sky and many consider this an omen of important events to come, but none could foresee the tragic turn our history would soon take.

    A scandal is uncovered involving the king's younger brother Charles, who remains heir to the throne. The matter is hushed up officially but the crown prince is immediately summoned to the capital for a private conference with the king. Details are hard to come by, but gossip says the king came down hard on him to maintain the honour of the house and realm.

    Ten days later the king is dead, and the scandalous Charles is crowned amid much controversy. Rumour is rife that Charles had had Thomas killed in a fit of rage and shame, but nobody dares voice this openly. A shadow hangs over the kingdom as the realm enters a new age.

  • ZedarZedar Registered User regular
    edited November 2011
    State of the Union (aka Maps!)
    We're still in a personal union with Catalunya, and allied with Austria, Catalunya, Normandy and Brittany. We're close to forming Carolingia, just need Brittany and Munster.

    Austria is doing slightly better after taking some land from Bohemia after it bit off more than it could chew. Bohemia is currently dishonourable scum and had at least one badboy war going on at the time of Thomas's death. Byzantium has started expanding into Italy and has converted Calabria and Apulia to orthodox.

    Norway was strong but then fell apart amazingly quickly. No powers of any size in Scandinavia now except England. Russia is absolutely huge.

    World Map:

    I can provide more maps on request.

    Who is next in line?

    Zedar on
  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    Ah, Russia is just becoming gigantic I see. Excellent

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  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    edited November 2011
    How about a world map (F12).

    Also, if anyone wants it, just ask. Otherwise, repeats!

    enlightenedbum on
    Herbert Hoover got 40% of the vote in 1932. Friendly reminder.
  • ZedarZedar Registered User regular
    World map posted. Japan has been doing a fair bit of expansion in south east asia, and Castille completely wiped out the Incas.

  • ZedarZedar Registered User regular
    Savefile is up at for whoever is next anyway.

  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    Anybody want to take it? I could if necessary, but I'd rather someone else did (preferably someone new!).

    Herbert Hoover got 40% of the vote in 1932. Friendly reminder.
  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    Any repeats? I think I'm the only one to have gone twice

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    Academician Prokhor "Phyphor" Zakharov, Chief Scientist of China, Provost of the University of Planet - SE++ Megagame
  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    I believe that is correct. My failsafe is a myself, Phyphor, Rex rotation probably.

    Herbert Hoover got 40% of the vote in 1932. Friendly reminder.
  • ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular
    I'd love to go again, but a 2-month-old has reduced my plannable playing time to essentially nil.

    Steam: Elvenshae // PSN: Elvenshae // WotC: Elvenshae
    The Disappearance of Inigo Sharpe: Tomas à Dunsanin
  • starkillerstarkiller Registered User
    I can go again. I don't remember if that would make two times in EU.

  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    Phyphor is the only repeat so far, so take it if you want it.

    Herbert Hoover got 40% of the vote in 1932. Friendly reminder.
  • starkillerstarkiller Registered User
    BTW, as soon as CKII is out I'll be starting up some sort of group play based on turns. I'm looking at a "champions" format where we champion certain noble houses (one per a player) and then let the tides shift back and forth. Just posting early so that when it hits I'll have fodder...I mean players...

  • President RexPresident Rex Registered User regular
    I figured I'd stop by to say that the EU3 franchise is on sale on Steam. Which doesn't necessarily help the succession game, because EU3 Complete + HTTT is only like 80 cents cheaper than EU3 Chronicles with all the expansions. But still - cheap EU3!

  • starkillerstarkiller Registered User
    I'm assuming its gone quiet because of the holidays. Just giving everyone a poke. Who is next mighty leader?

  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    I think you just volunteered!

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    I thought I had volunteered you previously, starkiller.

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  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    Volunteered, voluntold. Potayto, potahto

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  • President RexPresident Rex Registered User regular
    Of course, if thar be bugs in them there mods, let me know.

    I could also hypothetically take a turn, but I feel like I'm probably going to be the one that needs to run the first Victoria go (partially because it will be bug-laden, but I also don't know if ebum has it). I feel like we'd have an abundance of players if Paradox weren't such jerks and didn't release an expansion mid-game. Or if I were less lazy and ported the save and mod to DW.

  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    Continuing a Paradox game started in a different version? We have a brave man here, very brave. Plus I thought it was HoI that ebum didnt have?

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    I have Vicky. I'm really, really bad at fighting wars in it though. Mostly because my research preferences are "ooh, pretty factories!"

    enlightenedbum on
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    *Posted in wrong thread

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  • starkillerstarkiller Registered User
    So I stopped reading for the holidays and it appears the thread died...and it may have been my fault. And yes, the holidays were a long time ago but there was a re-org at work too. I just grabbed the savefile. Any interest in continuing? Is the save file with the 1.05a scenerio that's posted?

  • ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular
    Keep going!

    I was just going to volunteer to take another, sad turn, myself, if no one stepped up.

    You do okay through the re-org?

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  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    Yes, continue!

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  • President RexPresident Rex Registered User regular
    Since there had been no activity for so long I randomly decided to start the LP back up (just like I plan on continuing my SH3 LP - I'm just lazy). But then I got temporarily sidetracked by ME3. It is is probably best that I be closer to the end either way to bookend the Victoria transition.

    Aside from finding players, Vicky will probably be less tumultuous since Paradox ...does not ever update it.

    Either one.

  • Rhan9Rhan9 Registered User regular
    Yeah, it would be great if this thread continued. It's a pretty massive undertaking, so finishing it would be something of an accomplishment.

  • Lord_SnotLord_Snot Живу за выходные American ValhallaRegistered User regular
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    This thread really does need to carry on, it's a great read.

    Either that, or restart it using Crusader Kings 2. I would totally be down for that.

    Lord_Snot on
  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    Alright, I'm invoking Supreme Executive Authority and downloading the save. There will be an update at some point (probably tonight, depending how bored I am by Phoenix/Chicago)!

    Also, requesting people to play afterwards.

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  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    After a brief five month pause...

    The Reign of Charles the Great (damn right I did), King of Vermandois (1678-1693)

    As Charles V takes the throne, the realm is having some mild issues. Inflation is high, the economy is in shambles, and stability has taken a couple of hits. On the plus side: the Frankish army reigns supreme, the House de Vermandois nearly owns the entirety of their proud ancestors' territory, and the realm's advisors are excellent. Making matters somewhat worse, Charles himself is nothing special, with no particular skills or achievements to his name.


    One of the few issues the realm faces is a lack of military leadership. Charles decides to end this by building a war college in the capital. Here officers will be trained in the finer arts of war and hopefully a better breed of officer will result.


    The Duchy of Brittany was a Frankish vassal, but their continued independence was a thorn in Charles' side. He decided they must be annexed for House de Vermandois to proclaim themselves the true heris of Charlemagne. Many gifts were sent to the Duke to make him more willing to sign over his realm.


    A great revolution in learning, with a focus on experimentation and repeated tests, came to Vermandois early in Charles' reign. Great discoveries about the natural world, military matters, politics, and economics became a matter of course. Technology in Vermandois became decades ahead of the rest of Europe.


    Piracy was plaguing the oceans due to the small Frankish navy. The great shipments of Aztec and Mayan gold back to Europe were being interrupted with obnoxious frequency. Charles commissioned a new navy of 20 frigates and 4 wargalleons to combat the pirate menace.


    The Duchy of Münster's succession came into dispute in 1680 and Charles quickly moved in to falsify claims to the last territory the Pope required the Franks to conquer before he recognized them as the emperor of Western Europe. War was declared soon after. Meanwhile, German engineers in Bremen discovered a way to impart great force with steam and steam alone...


    The tiny Duchy did not last long before the mighty Frankish army. Instead of naming himself King of the separate realm, Charles decided to just annex the Duchy directly. Only Brittany remained outside of Charles' grasp.


    Nostalgia gripped the Frankish military. Remembering the heroic exploits of Alphonse Mariechal during the instability that followed the reign of King Godfrey the Mad, talented men decided to make their careers in the military. Huzzah!


    Finally, after several years of cajoling, hundreds of ducats in gifts, a marriage to one of Charles' daughters, and a promise for a prominent role in the cabinet, the Duke of Brittany finally agrees to hand the Duchy over to Charles' direct rule. Nearly 900 years after Charlemagne was crowned Emperor, his territories have been restored to his heirs. If only Charles was as good an administrator as his son Eudes. (ARRRRRRGH)


    With Brittany came a previously unknown colony in the frozen northern portions of the New World. With no way to navigate the frigid waters to get there, it proved largely useless and rebelled soon after. Breton Separatists have controlled it for the past several years but refuse to actually declare independence. (eb - anybody want to make a flag and tag for Breton Nunavut?)


    Having conquered the necessary land for the Empire, Charles turned his eyes south. Vermandois lacked ports on the Mediterranean. He decided to claim the throne of Provence, as a start. A few months later, Provence recognized him as their true ruler.


    Having acquired his port, Charles began to consolidate his realm. First he began a massive construction project to rebuild Charlemagne's seat at Aachen in the province of Limburg. Canals, post offices, roads, and a grand new palace were built. Soon the capital would move there as well.


    Leon had acquired traditional Frankish territory in Morocco. When Iberia broke out in a full scale war, Charles moved in to seize Marrakech. The war was brief with none able to stand against the Franks' new Caroline Infantry and Coehorn Mortors.


    Elsass did not hold much longer, even with the assistance of Wurtemburg and (theoretically) Austria. The eastern branch of the family had allied with Elsass, but refused to actually commit forces, and re-signed an alliance with their western cousins immediately following the war.

    So... yeah. We're set to become the Frankish Empire, we just need a competent administrator. Charles' heir is that competent administrator. We're also basically God-Kings of Europe. I also finished colonizing Colombia and Ecuador, but now we're done with that.

    If people are interested in really reviving this, we're going to need something to do, and pretty soon we're going to need some colonial nations to rebel. So think about those kinds of things, I'll post massive amounts of maps after Charles dies.

    Proposed things to do:

    1) Conquer the south coast of France to get us some Mediterranean ports. We have the western bits in personal unions at the moment, but we could get the east.
    2) Conquer India. Could be fun. Not hard, but certainly a thing to do.
    3) Colonize Indonesia.
    4) Conquer the area around Limburg (soon to be Aachen). Our capital with actual foreigners on the borders might not be ideal.
    5) Something creative. Make suggestions!
    6) Do not much of anything and see what the AI comes up with.

    The only things I'm definitely going to do is annex Normandy and grab Avignon at some point. Also, Les Cayes, because it's ugly not owning all the Caribbean islands.

    Herbert Hoover got 40% of the vote in 1932. Friendly reminder.
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