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Interviewing for a tech job.

Project MayhemProject Mayhem Registered User regular
edited July 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So I'm interviewing for a job where I would travel to a company and set up motion capture systems and computers for them and stay for a few days to train them. I'm currently a trainer for apple inc. so I'm great with the training part. I'm also extremely skilled with computer hardware and software, and can build a computer.

However I'm not up with the technical jargon. Are there any recommended websites that I could benefit from reading other than wikipedia just to brush up on that kind of stuff? Also, I've done a preliminary interview with their HR, and it went well, so this next round would be with someone more technically minded, so any tips for interviewing for this type of position would be much appreciated!

Project Mayhem on


  • TavataarTavataar Registered User regular
    edited July 2010
    One thing that might be useful is to understand the flow of information between the motion capture systems and the computers. What sort of networking is used? What sort of motion capture systems exist? What is their software product like?

    I would expect that their website would list a lot of these buzzwords in their product description, and then you could go look them up.

    Tavataar on
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