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A bit of Automa fanart, which i was to lazy to colour, enjoy.


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    Nice control of value and clean brushwork.

    Your structure is solid but their is no life in this pose. It needs more rhythm! Even if it is a robot.

    (Good job subduing Regal in the back ground as well.)

    Urantia on
    Ignore the above.
  • JLM-AWPJLM-AWP Registered User regular
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    I agree with Urantia. It looks like his right arm should be pulled back a little more, so it's a it more behind his head. Also, and this may just be personal preference, I'd say open up his left hand instead of a fist. If he's just walking, there's no reason he's have it clenched.

    Either way, it looks pretty awesome. I love the lighting.

    JLM-AWP on
  • ThinkjunkThinkjunk Registered User
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    That head is fantastic.

    Thinkjunk on
  • SimplejaySimplejay Registered User
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    I had the right further back and around, but i found the angles clashing, the left originally had a flashlight which i played around with, im signing off on it though, now everything on it annoys me, that gun needs reference, the chest needs re proportioning, and that bloody right arm :P


    Simplejay on
  • MustangMustang Registered User regular
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    Ungh, sorry I deleted that paintover, it was done on a crap monitor and I only just realised how much of a fail it was.

    Anyway, the forearm definately needs shortening, and maybe a little rotation forward.

    Mustang on
  • MereHappenstanceMereHappenstance Registered User regular
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    I like the contrast of detail between the head and the background. Well done.

    MereHappenstance on
  • pineappleherbpineappleherb Registered User regular
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    damn i really like the new one, although i do think the right arm is still too prominent

    pineappleherb on
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