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[Gen Con] Lake Geneva Convention 2010!

TheHopelessGamerTheHopelessGamer Registered User regular
edited August 2010 in Critical Failures
From the wiki:

"Gen Con is one of the largest[4] and most prominent annual gaming conventions in North America. The convention has featured role-playing games, miniatures wargames, board games, live action role-playing games, collectible card games, strategy games, computer games, and more, where attendees can engage in various levels of tournament and interactive play. Gen Con, begun by Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax in 1968 as a wargames convention, was initially held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The convention's main site was moved to various locations in Wisconsin from 1972 to 1984, until settling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1985. Other Gen Cons were held sporadically in other locations in the United States, and beginning in 1990, Gen Cons were held in European locations as well. Gen Con, owned by gaming company TSR, Inc. since 1976 and later Wizards of the Coast, was sold to Wizards' founder Peter Adkison in 2002, and was moved to Indianapolis, Indiana in 2003.

Gen Con 2009 brought in about 28,000 attendees; which makes the convention similar in size to E3 in 2006, Entertainment for All, Dragon Con and Origins. Gen Con is currently held in Indianapolis, Indiana."

Gen Con 2010 is merely two days away. For many games (including yours truly) have been going to Gen Con for years and it's a gamer tradition for early August since forever. People say you go to Origins to play games and Gen Con to buy games - and that's certainly true since a huge number of new products and games are held
back for release all year. Fantasy Flight Games, AEG, Wizards of the Coast, Privateer Press and so many more debut their biggest products of the year in these Best Four Days in Gaming.

So what does one do at Gen Con?

Play Games - Nearly 7,500 games will be ran in the city of Indianapolis this week. From LARP's to D&D to Warmachine to You Too Can Cthulhu, if you can't find a game to play in Indy, you hate games, no other explanation possible.

Buy Stuff - Like I said above, new stuff gets released at Gen Con. Interested in Death Watch from FFG? Get it at Gen Con first. Interested in DC Adventures from Green Ronin? Get it at Gen Con first. Interested in Enemies of the Empire for Legends of the 5 Rings 4th Ed.? Get it at Gen Con. Want 4th Edition Dark Sun books? You know where this is going...

Eat at the Ram - Seriously, every year The Ram serves ridiculously tasty food and is covered in gaming paraphernalia from Wizards of the Coast, Privateer Press, and other companies.

So, simple question - who's going to Gen Con? Follow-up question - what are you doing there that's awesome?

(Please be kind, this is my first thread.)

TheHopelessGamer on
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